Jax Taylor's Circle Buzzed About His Escapades Long Before Split with Brittany

Brittany Cartwright shares heartfelt insight on marital struggles.

by Nouman Rasool
Jax Taylor's Circle Buzzed About His Escapades Long Before Split with Brittany
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In a turn of events that has captured the attention of fans and followers, the once beloved duo, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, have officially announced their decision to part ways. This news comes after a shared journey of four years in the bonds of matrimony, marked by both joyous celebrations and challenging trials.

The revelation has sparked a wave of speculation, fueled in part by insights shared by close friends and co-stars on a recent episode of "Vanderpump Rules." During the episode, which aired Tuesday, the conversation veered into the realm of personal relationships, casting a spotlight on Taylor and Cartwright's marriage.

Scheana Shay, aged 38, alongside Katie Maloney, aged 37, delved into discussions about the couple's tumultuous relationship. They brought to light the swirling rumors surrounding Taylor's alleged escapades in West Hollywood.

Shay, drawing parallels to another relationship under scrutiny on the show, remarked on the unpredictability and complexity of intimate relationships, hinting at the underlying issues within Taylor and Cartwright's union.

Adding to the conversation, Katie Maloney referenced ongoing stories of Taylor's purported adventures around town, a sentiment echoed by Shay, who admitted to hearing similar tales. Lala Kent, another voice in the discussion, emphasized the gravity of the situation, suggesting it went beyond mere hearsay.

Brittany's Candid Revelation

Brittany Cartwright, in a candid moment on their joint podcast "When Reality Hits" last month, addressed the growing curiosity about their marriage. Emphasizing the importance of transparency and honesty, Cartwright opened up about the challenges they faced as a couple, especially in the past year.

Acknowledging the toll these challenges had taken on her mental health, she revealed her decision to seek space and time apart from Taylor. The story of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright began in a Las Vegas bar in 2015, weaving through moments of separation and reconciliation, leading up to their engagement in 2018 and their grand wedding in Kentucky the following year.

Their journey also brought them the joy of welcoming their son, Cruz Michael Cauchi, in April 2021. Despite their departure from "Vanderpump Rules," the couple was set to return to the spotlight with Bravo's new spinoff series, "The Valley," this spring.

Reflecting on their relationship, both Taylor and Cartwright have previously shared their commitment to overcoming the lows together, dismissing the notion of divorce. Their story, a testament to the highs and lows of marriage, now takes a new direction as they navigate this significant change in their lives, leaving fans and followers watching closely as both embark on separate paths.