Jimmy Fallon Quips About 'Midlife Crisis' With New Morning Routine Before Turning 50

Jimmy Fallon reveals new habits as he approaches 50

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Fallon Quips About 'Midlife Crisis' With New Morning Routine Before Turning 50
© Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

As Jimmy Fallon approaches the landmark age of 50, the beloved Tonight Show host is embracing a new dawn in more ways than one. In a candid conversation on Today with Hoda & Jenna, Fallon revealed that he's revamped his morning routine to include waking up at the break of dawn, a change spurred by the imminence of his milestone birthday in September.

Fallon, currently 49, disclosed his latest lifestyle adjustment with a mix of humor and sincerity. "It's my new thing," he confessed, emphasizing the lack of time in his bustling day for workouts. The solution? Seizing the early hours.

Fallon has turned to a Hatch alarm clock to ease into his mornings. This innovative device mimics sunrise, gradually illuminating the room to nudge him awake - albeit with an intensity that Fallon humorously likened to a police interrogation.

Embracing Milestone Moments

The routine doesn’t stop at unconventional alarms. Fallon’s treadmill, humorously draped in clothes, stands as a silent witness to his newfound commitment to fitness and well-being, despite the comedic undertones of his description.

Further stirring curiosity, Fallon shared his inclusion of blood pressure checks into his morning ritual, sparking playful speculation from hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager about a potential midlife crisis. Fallon light-heartedly agreed, suggesting it's a rite of passage as one nears the half-century mark.

Kotb, on the cusp of 60, chimed in with encouragement, prophesying that Fallon’s forthcoming decade might just be his best yet. The exchange evolved into a reflective discourse on aging, with both hosts sharing their positive experiences and unexpected joys found in their 50s and beyond, challenging the dread often associated with getting older.

As Fallon reminisced over his 40s and celebrated a decade at the helm of The Tonight Show, the conversation took a playful turn. Kotb and Bush Hager’s banter about the fleeting nature of past decades and the excitement for what lies ahead underscored a poignant message: life’s later years can be replete with discovery, joy, and reinvention.

This shift in Fallon's routine not only marks anticipation of his 50th birthday but also underscores a decade of success on The Tonight Show, celebrated recently with his team. As Fallon navigates these changes with his trademark wit, he invites audiences to reflect on the value of health, the passage of time, and the endless possibilities that each new day holds.