Julie, Kirk Cousins' Wife, Thrilled for Move to Falcons!

From Roadside Attractions to Gridiron Dreams: Cousins' Journey Continues

by Zain ul Abedin
Julie, Kirk Cousins' Wife, Thrilled for Move to Falcons!
© JC Olivera/Getty Images

After completing an illustrious six-season stint with the Minnesota Vikings, quarterback Kirk Cousins has embarked on a new journey, clinching a pivotal four-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons this Monday, as confirmed by credible sources such as ESPN and The Athletic.

With this significant career move, Cousins, now 35, alongside his devoted family, eagerly anticipates embracing the vibrant atmosphere of Atlanta, Georgia, as their next abode. Julie Hampton Cousins, his esteemed wife, provided a captivating glimpse into their relocation process from Minnesota to Atlanta through her social media channels.

Sharing snippets of their familial transition, Julie, 35, took to Instagram, capturing their sons, Turner, 5, and Cooper, 6, engaging in musical pursuits amidst the backdrop of packing activities. Accompanied by the caption "Atlanta, here we come!" her post radiated enthusiasm for the forthcoming adventure.

However, amidst the excitement, their beloved Australian Labradoodle, Abe, appeared less enthused about the imminent journey, a sentiment humorously captured by Julie in a subsequent social media post.

Road Trip Revelations

Embarking on their cross-country voyage, the Cousins family made a notable pit stop in Kentucky, where they seized the opportunity to visit the renowned Ark Encounter—an awe-inspiring replica of Noah's Ark, meticulously crafted in adherence to biblical specifications.

As Cousins gears up for his return to the gridiron with the Falcons following a season-ending Achilles tendon injury in October, optimism abounds for a reinvigorated chapter in Atlanta. Reflecting on his enduring passion for football, Cousins emphasized his unwavering dedication to the sport, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to live out his dreams on the field.

Despite his young sons' burgeoning understanding of their father's esteemed NFL career, Cousins remains hopeful that their newfound interest will blossom into cherished memories for years to come, underscoring the profound familial bond woven amidst the fabric of football legacy.

As Cousins and his family embark on this transformative journey, their unwavering spirit and resilience serve as a testament to the enduring allure of pursuing one's dreams, both on and off the field.