Alex Jones Vows Warpath Against Trump Over Recent Brag

Jones clashes with Trump over vaccine advocacy stance.

by Zain ul Abedin
Alex Jones Vows Warpath Against Trump Over Recent Brag
© Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

In a recent display of discord within his own base, former President Donald Trump sparked controversy among vaccine skeptics with a bold declaration on his Truth Social platform. During his real-time commentary on President Joe Biden's State of the Union Address, Trump took a moment to highlight his administration's expedited efforts in deploying COVID-19 vaccines through Operation Warp Speed, a public-private initiative aimed at fast-tracking the development and approval of a vaccine for the global pandemic.

Trump's post came as a retort to Biden's remarks on the pandemic's diminished control over American lives and the role of vaccines, not only in combating COVID-19 but also in advancing cancer treatment research. Trump's boast, "YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE," followed by a critique of the Biden administration's hypothetical slower vaccine development process, did not sit well with everyone, especially noted conspiracy theorist and vaccine opponent Alex Jones.

Jones, taking to the social platform X, labeled the COVID-19 vaccines as "biological weapons" and expressed his disillusionment with Trump's pro-vaccine stance, stating, "I love Trump, but this is BS! The so-called vaccine is a biological weapon!

The good news is people are awake, and not even 45 can sell it."

Jones Warns Trump

The tension escalated over the weekend as Jones, on his broadcast, vehemently criticized Trump's pro-vaccine message and issued a stark warning: "If I see any more of this from Trump ...

I'm gonna have to go on the warpath." Jones articulated his struggle with reconciling Trump's significant accomplishments and the "overwhelming good he's doing" with his vaccine promotion, which Jones and like-minded individuals view skeptically.

Jones's extended tirade culminated in a blend of frustration and conspiracy theories, including an accusation against Dr. Anthony Fauci and an Obama-era program, claiming they were instrumental in creating the virus and had pre-prepared the vaccine as part of a larger, detrimental scheme.

This confrontation highlights the ongoing tension between Trump's achievements and certain controversial stances, reflecting the complex dynamics within his supporter base and the broader public discourse on vaccines and public health policy.