British media said Kate Middleton's photo was faked

Some British media agencies have decided to publish the first official photo of the Princess of Wales later, due to alleged photo editing

by Lorenzo Ciotti
British media said Kate Middleton's photo was faked
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Beautiful, smiling and above all, healthy. Kensington Palace has published the first official photo of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, two months after the abdominal surfery performed for an unspecified pathology.

The publication of the photo came after a long absence from the media of Prince William's wife, which for weeks gave rise to speculation about her health.

However, it would appear that many British news agencies published the photo much later than Kensington Palace. This reportedly happened as the media noticed how the photo had been altered.

AFP explained: "It has emerged that the image provided by Kensington Palace of Kate and her children has been altered." Kensington Palace did not respond to AFP.

But what is it that the media agency complained to Kensington Palace?

The photo, which was apparently taken by William, the Prince of Wales, does not convince the media due to the position of Princess Charlotte's hands. Frankly, I don't see anything strange in the photo, but as you know, the British media likes to find controversy everywhere.

Princess Kate should come back in June

"Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over these two months. I wish everyone a happy Mother's Day," is written in the statement accompanying the photo published on X.

In the photo, the princess appears smiling with the three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Kate underwent an unspecified abdominal surgery on January 16th at the London Clinic, where she then remained hospitalized for 13 nights, with a rest period until at least after Easter.

The last time the future queen was photographed in public was during a walk in Sandringham on Christmas Day. Kate should return to take part in official commitments probably starting from June 2024.

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