Kimmel Targets Gerwig Snub, 'Madame Web', and Downey Jr.'s Past in Oscars Monologue

Kimmel shines light on Hollywood's biggest night with humor.

by Nouman Rasool
Kimmel Targets Gerwig Snub, 'Madame Web', and Downey Jr.'s Past in Oscars Monologue
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel did not shy away from tackling a bevy of Hollywood's most buzzworthy subjects. Hosting the prestigious event for the fourth time, Kimmel humorously navigated through the evening's festivities, starting off by light-heartedly chiding the attendees for managing to arrive on time despite the ceremony's earlier start.

Kimmel's commentary spanned a wide array of topics, including a tongue-in-cheek nod to the less-than-stellar performance of "Madame Web" at the box office. Despite the film's underwhelming reception, Kimmel highlighted the resilience and creativity of Hollywood, applauding the industry's ability to produce a significant number of exceptional movies and performances amid challenging times.

He quipped about the room's filled talent and untapped potential, humorously juxtaposing it with the film's outcomes. The night also saw Kimmel jesting about the notable omission of "Barbie" director Greta Gerwig from the best director category nominations.

He playfully pointed out the irony of the audience's applause for Gerwig, who transformed Barbie into a feminist symbol, reminding them of their role in the voting process. This moment underscored the evening's underlying themes of recognition and the complex dynamics of award nominations.

Downey Jr.' s Career Highlight

Further enriching his monologue, Kimmel delved into the remarkable career revival of Robert Downey Jr., lauding his ascent to one of the highest points in his career. With a blend of admiration and humor, Kimmel navigated the sensitive topic of Downey Jr.'

s past with grace and wit, eliciting laughter and acknowledgment from the audience and the actor himself. Addressing a common critique of the award season, Kimmel humorously lamented the extended runtimes of this year's top movies, playfully suggesting that audiences might as well resolve the plots themselves given the lengthy durations.

Kimmel also shared insights into the complexities of preparing for the Oscars, revealing the challenge of selecting the most impactful jokes from an abundance of material. His remarks reflected the meticulous thought and care that go into crafting a memorable Oscars monologue, aiming to strike the perfect balance between humor and respect for the event's significance.

Last year, Kimmel made headlines with his comments on the infamous incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. Continuing in a similar vein, he reassured this year's audience of their safety with a mix of satire and sincerity, emphasizing the measures in place to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ceremony for everyone involved.

Through his adept handling of sensitive subjects and his ability to entertain and engage, Kimmel once again proved his mettle as a masterful host, setting the tone for an evening that celebrated the best of cinema while navigating its complexities with humor and grace.