Johansen vs. Kylie Jenner: Design Clash

A fashion controversy unfolds between an Aussie designer and Kylie Jenner.

by Nouman Rasool
Johansen vs. Kylie Jenner: Design Clash
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a recent development stirring the fashion industry, Jessica Johansen, the Australian entrepreneur behind the renowned designer brand Johansen, has leveled accusations against international superstar Kylie Jenner. Johansen claims Jenner's latest fashion endeavor, Khy, has strikingly similar designs to her own.

This controversy came to light through a TikTok video Johansen posted, which quickly garnered attention with over 700,000 views. On February 28, Jenner unveiled her fourth series of apparel under the Khy label, introducing a range of "day to night" dresses and sets that immediately drew comparisons to Johansen's signature collection.

Johansen, in her video, questioned, "Am I tripping or did Kylie Jenner just rip off my entire collection?" sparking a wave of support and concern from her audience. Johansen noticed the resemblance when she was inundated with messages from her clientele and personal connections, mistakenly congratulating her on what they believed was a collaboration with the American celebrity.

Johansen emphasized that her collection, which debuted three to four years prior, has been a cornerstone of her brand ever since. Further heightening the controversy, Johansen pointed out on Instagram that Jenner has been seen wearing Johansen designs on multiple occasions.

She also criticized Khy's pricing strategy, highlighting the disparity between her high-quality dresses, which retail at $329, and Jenner's more affordably priced range of $52 to $98. Johansen argued that such pricing undermines the efforts and products of smaller brands for quick profits, a practice she firmly disapproves of.

Fashion Feud Ignites

In response to Johansen's claims, Khy's team asserted that their designs were the result of their own hard work and innovation, a statement that did little to quell the brewing storm among followers and fashion enthusiasts online.

While some rallied behind Johansen, suggesting legal action, others seemed inclined towards Jenner's more accessible pricing, highlighting the ongoing debate over originality and affordability in the fashion industry. Johansen's brand, celebrating a decade of luxury Australian fashion, stands for individuality, style, and elegance—a reputation now caught in the crosshairs of this high-profile dispute.

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