Scarlett Johansson Mimics Sen. Katie Britt in 'SNL' Parody of GOP's Response

Live comedy takes a sharp turn into politics.

by Nouman Rasool
Scarlett Johansson Mimics Sen. Katie Britt in 'SNL' Parody of GOP's Response
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In a typical fashion, "Saturday Night Live" launched its recent episode with a segment that playfully critiqued President Joe Biden's State of the Union address alongside the Republican counterargument, continuing its long-standing tradition of satirical political commentary.

The sketch opened with Mikey Day embodying President Biden, who jestingly addressed Congress with a nod to his predecessor that humorously upset House Speaker Mike Johnson, portrayed as being visibly exasperated by Biden's remarks.

Day's Biden quipped, “Now tonight, I'm also gonna be talking about my predecessor, mainly because every time I say predecessor, Mike Johnson shakes his head like he just accidentally caught 30 seconds of the show Euphoria,” sparking laughter with the audience by referencing Johnson's apparent disapproval captured during Biden's real speech.

SNL's Political Satire

The comedy escalated as Day's Biden introduced the segment leading to the GOP's response to his address, humorously insinuating that the Republican reaction might inadvertently bolster his own position.

The anticipation built until Scarlett Johansson graced the stage with her unexpected portrayal of Alabama Senator Katie Britt, who delivered the Republican rebuttal this year. Johansson, channeling Senator Britt, declared, “My name is Katie Britt and I have the honor of serving the great people of Alabama.

But tonight, I'll be auditioning for the part of ‘Scary Mom.' I'll be performing an original monologue called ‘This Country is Hell,’” weaving humor with political satire in a performance that caught viewers off guard and amused.

The episode didn't just stop at political satire; it also featured Josh Brolin as the host for his third time and included performances by musical guest Ariana Grande. Brolin, known for his dynamic roles in cinema, concluded his monologue in an unexpectedly humorous fashion by stripping down to his underwear for a cold plunge onstage, adding a unique twist to the night's entertainment.

"Saturday Night Live" continues to serve as a cornerstone for comedic political commentary, adeptly blending humor with the week's pressing political narratives. Johansson's surprise appearance as Senator Britt and the creative take on the State of the Union address and its response highlight the show's enduring ability to engage and entertain its audience through insightful satire.

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