Millie Bobby Brown Responds to Accent Critique: "Doing My Best"

Millie Bobby Brown opens up about her accent journey.

by Nouman Rasool
Millie Bobby Brown Responds to Accent Critique: "Doing My Best"
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Millie Bobby Brown, celebrated for her role in the hit series "Stranger Things," has openly addressed the critiques she has received regarding her accent. Raised between the United Kingdom and the United States, Brown has faced scrutiny for her fluctuating accent across her various acting roles.

In a candid conversation with Max Balegde on TikTok, the accomplished actress shared her thoughts on the matter, emphasizing her adaptive approach to acting. "As an actress who has grown up in the spotlight, having spent significant time in America, my job on set is to adapt," Brown stated.

"I aim to embody my characters as authentically as possible, which sometimes means mirroring the accents of those around me."

Accent Adaptation Explained

Brown elaborated on her natural tendency to pick up accents from her surroundings, mentioning how her interactions with American figures like her fiancé and Jimmy Fallon influence her speech patterns.

"When I'm in the UK, I naturally adapt to that accent too. It's not something I consciously do, and I'm truly sorry if it upsets anyone. But please understand, I'm doing everything within my power to do my best," Brown added, seeking to clear the air.

Brown first captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with her breakout role in "Stranger Things" at just 12 years old. She has since expanded her repertoire, taking on a leading role in the fantasy film "Damsel," where she also serves as an executive producer.

"Damsel" unfolds the tale of a young woman who, upon agreeing to marry a charming prince, discovers a sinister plot involving her sacrifice to settle an ancient debt. Trapped in a cave with a formidable dragon, she must draw upon her courage and intellect to escape.

Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and penned by Dan Mazeau, "Damsel" boasts a star-studded cast, including Ray Winstone, Nick Robinson, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Angela Bassett, and Robin Wright. This narrative not only showcases Brown's versatility as an actress but also highlights her commitment to challenging roles and complex storytelling, proving her mettle in the industry.

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