Tan France Speaks on 'Queer Eye' Controversy Following Bobby Berk's Exit

Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Casting Decision Sparks Major Conversation.

by Nouman Rasool
Tan France Speaks on 'Queer Eye' Controversy Following Bobby Berk's Exit
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In the midst of swirling rumors and heightened tensions linked to the acclaimed Netflix series "Queer Eye," Tan France, the show's fashion savant, has come forward to clear the air regarding the departure of his former colleague, Bobby Berk.

Amidst speculation, France took to Instagram to firmly deny any involvement in Berk's alleged firing and subsequent replacement on the hit series. Addressing the buzz head-on, France stated, "Yes, I've heard what's going on, and I just want to address one point real quick.

My former colleague getting fired had nothing to do with me trying to get my friend hired." This declaration comes in the wake of news that interior designer Berk would be succeeded by Jeremiah Brent for the show's ninth season, stirring a whirlwind of rumors and accusations suggesting France had orchestrated the shake-up to benefit a friend.

France Clarifies Casting

France, who has become synonymous with providing style transformations on "Queer Eye," emphasized that the selection of Brent as Berk's successor was solely Netflix's decision. Contrary to the swirling hearsay, he asserted, "I didn’t prop my friend up for the job.

They ended up getting it because they were the best person for the job. Am I so happy that they have the job? Uh-huh! I really am, I think they’re going to be incredible on the show. But I didn’t get them hired by getting rid of somebody else." The fashion expert lamented the fact that the controversy surrounding Berk's exit originated from mere speculation amplified by social media and gossip blogs.

"This all started because of a comment on a gossip blog. That just got reposted and reposted, and then it almost became gospel," France remarked, urging those skeptical of his involvement to "dig deeper." In the wake of France's clarifications, representatives for Berk have opted not to comment on the matter.

Berk himself took to his X account, the platform formerly known as Twitter, sharing a message of resilience inspired by former First Lady Michelle Obama's iconic phrase, "When they go low, we go high!" The statement seems to underscore Berk's intention to rise above the fray amid the ongoing controversy.