Garrison Brown: Great Yet Troubled, Faced Love Woes Pre-Passing, Says Roomie

Tragic Loss Rocks Reality TV's 'Sister Wives' Family.

by Nouman Rasool
Garrison Brown: Great Yet Troubled, Faced Love Woes Pre-Passing, Says Roomie
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One of Garrison Brown's roommates has come forward to share insights into the life and untimely demise of the "Sister Wives" celebrity. Garrison, who was just 25 years old, tragically passed away earlier this week in what is being described as an apparent suicide.

Addison Miele, who shared living quarters with Garrison in Flagstaff, Arizona, praised the late reality star for his kindness and positive spirit. Speaking to Us Weekly, Miele remarked, "Garrison was an extraordinary individual, always radiating positivity and going out of his way to help others.

When I found myself in need, he didn't hesitate to offer me a place to stay, proving himself not just a good friend but also a compassionate landlord." Miele also shared admiration for Garrison, describing him as a role model and a genuinely good person.

The sorrow in Miele's words reflects the profound impact Garrison had on those around him.

Final Exchange Revealed

An incident report, as per The Post, details Miele's last interaction with Garrison, noting a conversation that took place the day of the tragedy.

Garrison, reportedly under the influence, had asked for a lighter—a request that marked their final exchange.The silence of that fateful night was shattered when Garrison's life came to a tragic end, a detail that particularly puzzled Miele, who identifies as a light sleeper.

Miele confessed to authorities about recent talks concerning Garrison's struggles with depression, although nothing indicated the gravity of his intentions. Miele further disclosed Garrison's battle with alcohol, painting a picture of a man who, despite outward appearances, faced profound personal turmoil.

This turmoil extended into Garrison's personal life, including distress over a recent breakup. The family maelstrom intensified with reports that Janelle Brown, upon receiving a distressing text from Garrison to a group associated with their TLC show, dispatched her son Gabe to check on him.

The message hinted at Garrison's deep-seated pain, reading, "I want to hate you for sharing the good times. But I can't. I miss these days." Gabe's discovery of his brother's body the following morning marked a somber end to a series of missed opportunities for intervention.

The roommates had not checked on Garrison prior to Gabe's arrival, a detail that underscores the isolation Garrison may have felt. In response to this profound loss, Kody and Janelle Brown issued a joint statement, expressing their grief over the loss of their son, Robert Garrison Brown.

They remembered him as a beacon of joy for everyone who knew him and lamented the void his passing leaves in their hearts and lives. As they navigate through this period of mourning, the Browns have requested privacy, inviting others to join in celebrating Garrison's memory and legacy.