Prince William brushes aside fake news about Kate Middleton and King Charles III

A spokesperson for the prince explained how William is focused on work and not on social media

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Prince William brushes aside fake news about Kate Middleton and King Charles III
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"Prince William's focus is on work, not social media."

These are the words released in an official communication by a spokesperson for William the Prince of Wales, regarding all the rumors that are going around regarding the health of his wife Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales and her father, King Charles III.

A spokesperson for William spoke to People, a magazine that dedicated the new cover of its new issue to the royal family, describing it as being in turmoil. So here is William's response to all the fake news that has circulated in recent weeks.

Kate Middleton
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But how is Kate Middleton really doing?

The photo, published by the US gossip site TMZ and the Italian magazine OGGI, has generated some suspicions about Kate's health.

The photo was apparently taken in Windsor park, where Adelaide Cottage is located, the residence where the princess has been recovering for weeks from the unspecified abdominal surgery she underwent last January.

Kate is in the passenger seat of a car driven by her mother Carole Middleton. Many users have noticed all kinds of anomalies.

Last week the most bizarre theories circulated, also fueled by the fact that last Monday Prince William suddenly withdrew at the last moment and for personal reasons from an event at Windsor Castle without any explanation.

The British Ministry of Defense has announced that Kate will take part in the military parade on 8 June, reviewing the troops.

But the news was not confirmed by Kensington Palace, and in the end the ministry itself had to remove the news.

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