Oscar Gordon Ramsay Charms as Paddington for World Book Day

Celebrity chef's youngest steals the show with adorable costume.

by Nouman Rasool
Oscar Gordon Ramsay Charms as Paddington for World Book Day
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In a heartwarming nod to World Book Day, renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, aged 57, took to Instagram to share an endearing snapshot of his youngest son, Oscar, channeling the beloved children's book character, Paddington Bear.

The four-year-old cut an adorable figure, perfectly embodying the much-loved bear with his ensemble that included Paddington's signature blue coat, vibrant red boots, and matching hat. Adding to the charm, Oscar was pictured with a suitcase and a tag that pleaded, "Please look after this Bear.

Thank you," echoing the timeless appeal of the Paddington Bear stories. Celebrating the occasion, Ramsay captioned the delightful photo with a message of love, "Happy world book day @oscarjramsay ??." This post not only showcases a special family moment but also highlights Ramsay's affection for his children, making it a must-see for fans and followers.

Gordon Ramsay, a father of six, is also dad to Megan, 25; twins Jack and Holly, 24; Matilda "Tilly," 22; and his three-month-old son, Jesse James. Ramsay's family life often captures the interest of his fans, offering glimpses into the dynamics and warmth of the Ramsay household.

Ramsay Family Expansion

In a candid revelation to PEOPLE, Ramsay shared an amusing anecdote about his son Oscar's surprising suggestion of expanding their family to include a seventh sibling. This suggestion led to a humorous moment where Ramsay found himself literally spitting out his breakfast.

Despite the initial shock, Ramsay's anecdote hints at the possibility of welcoming more love into their bustling home. Having six children was always a dream for Ramsay and his wife, Tana. The celebrity chef had previously expressed to Entertainment Tonight that reaching this family milestone was a long-held aspiration.

However, with a large family and a demanding career, Ramsay humorously notes the constant busyness of their household, likening it to a restaurant that never closes. This delightful insight into the Ramsay family's life, highlighted by Oscar's charming portrayal of Paddington Bear, offers fans a glimpse into the warmth and humor that fills their home.

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