Nicolas Cage Confronts Night Creatures in Apocalyptic 'Arcadia' Preview

New thriller explores resilience in a world transformed

by Zain ul Abedin
Nicolas Cage Confronts Night Creatures in Apocalyptic 'Arcadia' Preview
© Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

In an exclusive sneak peek revealed by EW, the trailer for the much-anticipated post-apocalyptic thriller "Arcadian" showcases Nicolas Cage in a gripping new role as a father navigating a dystopian landscape with his two sons.

Drawing parallels with the suspenseful ambiance of "A Quiet Place," "Arcadian" is set in a bleak near-future where civilization as we know it has been ravaged, leaving survivors to fend off sinister nocturnal creatures intent on their destruction.

Cage's character, Paul, alongside his sons Thomas, portrayed by Maxwell Jenkins, and Joseph, played by Jaeden Martell, find themselves in a relentless struggle for survival in a world where darkness brings unimaginable terror.

The narrative intensifies when Thomas fails to make it home before nightfall, propelling Paul into a desperate search that spirals into a harrowing fight for survival against the nightmarish creatures.

Love Amid Apocalypse

The cause of this catastrophic decline remains shrouded in mystery, yet the trailer hints at an environmental catastrophe linked to human pollution, suggesting these creatures are Earth's response to cleanse itself of humanity.

Paul, in a chilling voiceover, reflects on the theory that these beings emerged as a direct consequence of environmental degradation, aimed at exterminating the human race. Despite the ever-present danger, the story also touches on the indomitable spirit of youth and love, as seen through the fleeting moments of one son's romantic escapades.

However, these moments of bliss are quickly overshadowed by the grim reality of their situation, culminating in a tense showdown with the creatures at their family's farmhouse. "Arcadian" marks another collaboration between Cage and director Benjamin Brewer, following their previous work on "The Trust." Set to premiere worldwide at SXSW on March 11 and hit theaters on April 12, the film delves into themes of familial bonds, survival, and the human condition amidst chaos.

Brewer, inspired by the central brotherly relationship and the opportunity to cast these dynamics against a dystopian backdrop, aims to present a coming-of-age story with a dark, fairytale essence. The director expresses his enthusiasm for reuniting with Cage, highlighting the actor's versatile career spanning comedy, horror, and now, a thrilling venture into a post-apocalyptic world with "Arcadian."

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