Surprise A-List Reveal Pranks Nick Cannon on The Masked Singer

Iconic duo ignites laughter with their latest prank

by Zain ul Abedin
Surprise A-List Reveal Pranks Nick Cannon on The Masked Singer
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In a delightful twist during the season 11 premiere of "The Masked Singer" on March 6, Nick Cannon was caught off guard by a masterful prank executed by one of his closest celebrity friends. Amidst the vibrant spectacle of the singing competition, the audience witnessed an unexpected moment that would soon become a highlight of the show.

The studio erupted into chaos as Cannon, the show's charismatic host, found himself at the center of a hilarious deception. "Don't cheer for him! No! You're breaking the rules!" he protested, as his friend emerged, breaking character to reveal the prank.

Kevin Hart, the prankster in question, shared a warm hug with Cannon, declaring triumphantly, "This is a prank. You had no idea!"

Celebrity Prank Rivals

Cannon, taken aback by the reveal, playfully criticized Hart's performance, labeling it as the "worst performance ever in the history of this show," and accused him of "ruining the freaking show!" Despite the mock outrage, the exchange was all in good fun, with Hart retorting confidently, "Let me see if I have in my hands a little bit of care.

That's not my problem. Kevin Hart, 1. You, nothing." The two celebrities share a rich history of engaging in public pranks, having previously co-hosted the E! series "Celebrity Prank Wars," where their penchant for trickery was on full display.

Their friendly rivalry has led to numerous memorable moments, including Cannon gifting Hart a llama for his 42nd birthday in 2021, and Hart retaliating by broadcasting Cannon's personal phone number on a billboard, inviting the public to call him for "advice on fatherhood." This latest stunt on "The Masked Singer" is a testament to their ongoing camaraderie and ability to entertain, not just through their respective careers but also through their playful antics off-stage.

The show continues to captivate audiences with its blend of mystery, music, and now, unforgettable pranks, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. As the season unfolds, viewers can look forward to meeting the eccentric cast of season 11, each promising to bring their unique flair to the stage.

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