Allegations of 'Rage Issues' Against Jonathan Van Ness on Queer Eye Set

New developments surface in the 'Queer Eye' ensemble dynamics.

by Nouman Rasool
Allegations of 'Rage Issues' Against Jonathan Van Ness on Queer Eye Set
© Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Jonathan Van Ness, widely recognized for their vibrant personality and expert hair styling on the hit Netflix series "Queer Eye," is currently facing serious accusations of "abusive" behavior and "rage issues" on set, causing tensions within the show's beloved Fab Five team.

A recent investigation by Rolling Stone, involving interviews with seven individuals closely involved in the show's production, has cast a shadow over Van Ness's reputation, alleging significant difficulty in working alongside them.

These production insiders have painted a rather stark contrast to the charismatic figure audiences have come to adore, describing Van Ness as a "nightmare," "monster," and "demeaning" presence behind the scenes. Reports of Van Ness lashing out at crew members and those working closely with them have surfaced, with one source recounting to Rolling Stone that such outbursts were a weekly occurrence, severely impacting the overall atmosphere on set.

Representatives for Van Ness, who identifies as nonbinary, have yet to respond to inquiries for comment. The situation reportedly escalated to the point where Netflix was compelled to hold at least one meeting with Van Ness to address these concerns, though sources suggest that this intervention did little to alter the situation.

Season 9 Cast Shake-Up

Amidst these allegations, Van Ness has publicly lauded the work of their "Queer Eye" co-stars, particularly highlighting the efforts of Bobby Berk in transforming spaces for the show's participants during season 7.

However, the upcoming season 9 of "Queer Eye" will see a significant change, with Jeremiah Brent stepping in to replace Berk. Berk's departure, announced in November 2023, was described as a "necessary" move on his part, emphasizing that it was an amicable decision unrelated to his relationship with fellow cast members.

The report also touches upon the dynamics within the Fab Five, notably Tan France's alleged push for Berk's replacement by Brent following a personal disagreement. Berk, addressing this matter with Vanity Fair, emphasized that while they had a moment of conflict, it remains a private issue, unrelated to their professional collaboration on "Queer Eye."