Ripa & Consuelos Spill: Celebrity Meltdown at Hotel

Inside a shocking encounter with fame's temperamental side.

by Nouman Rasool
Ripa & Consuelos Spill: Celebrity Meltdown at Hotel
© Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

In an amusing snippet of popular daytime talk show "Live With Kelly and Mark", co-hosts and real life couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos regale juicy gossips from their own experiences with the rich and the famous. Always known for their follies and sharing anecdotes, the couple narrated an incident which is too hilarious to be true and involved a celebrity on a holiday with their children.

Ripa had another mug of coffee with her and some really wormy tales to tell. And now, in the episode aired on Tuesday, Ripa was setting the stage amid some background laughter and sips from her coffee mug—a too-posh hotel and a honeymooning celebrity.

who breaks down. "We were enjoying a peaceful holiday with our children at a certain hotel, and at a certain point, we rubbed shoulders with something that you won't believe. A particular celebrity—a secret we'll never share—was very, very unhappy with their room," Ripa said, her interest thrall to the listening congregation.

"She's banging on the front desk, seeing the manager, saying it ruined her honeymoon," she says, laughing incredulously. Zazza weighs in, perhaps the first to be struck by the very thought of how such a needy moment might only portend marital discord.

"Let's just say, if she thought the room was a problem, marriage might be the bigger problem for her."

Live Show Revelations

The couple, by now a fixture of morning television after Consuelos officially joined Ripa on "Live" in 2023, have since had viewers alternately riveted and horrified by all that spills on television about life, fame, and family.

From addressing past noise complaints from neighbors in response to complaints about his Halloween candy, Ripa and Consuelos leave nothing unaddressed out in open show. New York's Hurricane, Circuit, and the Times Square/New York Times Roller Coaster caused a Facebook mania with their descriptions of "Live With Kelly and Mark's" super-secret mid-summer night's antics of the top-secret honeymoonee's hiding in plain sight.

The Times Square/New York Times Roller Coaster ran wild with quotes from the soon-to-go-viral story, touching off a "Live with Kelly and Mark" is a sure must for all its fans—someone with that perfect cocktail of smatterings of celebrity insight, other personal anecdotes, and a bit of half-hearted humor to boot.