Royal Revelations: Uncle’s Big Moment

A surprising twist in royal family dynamics unfolds on TV.

by Nouman Rasool
Royal Revelations: Uncle’s Big Moment
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The Princess of Wales' husband, Gary Goldsmith, has also been hogging the country's headlines after signing up to appear in the reality television program Celebrity Big Brother. That news did uncover one interesting detail: the opportunity for Goldsmith to have a public say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the most widely reported tensions within the royal family.

The couple, who had announced their decision to step down from being senior working royals at the start of last year, had left Prince William and Kate on very cool terms. With Gary Goldsmith set to enter the Big Brother house on Monday 4th March, there is already word that the celeb will take the chance to defend the family's honour in light of the tension.

Prior to his TV appearance, it has been reported that Kate's family implied concern over him appearing on the show. Gary, brother of Carole Middleton, has an unlikely background for the royal circles that his niece holds sway over.

Although he has been painted as a family 'black sheep', he has been quick to claim love and pride for his family. Independent of these connections, it is fine to say that mention of these by him on the show would come out positive, especially in relation to Kate and Prince William.

Goldsmith's Royal Remarks

Family insiders say while the assumption is that Gary will go on to talk about the family's sticky private issues, particularly his relationship with Harry and Meghan, his main intention will be to toast his niece and what she brings to the royal family.

Not all Middleton clan members are doing with his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, hence displaying a tangled web of personal, familial, and public interests. With Gary Goldsmith in the spotlight, his every move and utterance in Celebrity Big Brother will be scrutinjsonized to check if it casts any shadow, has any sideline relation to or implications for the script that continues to unfold in and out of the country from the wide and wild world of the internal affairs of the royal household and his connection with his neice Kate and her husband Prince William.