Paul McCartney-Starr Reunion at Stella's Show

Iconic Beatles duo support fashion at Parisian event.

by Nouman Rasool
Paul McCartney-Starr Reunion at Stella's Show
© Samir Hussein/WireImage

In this respect, the nostalgic union of Beatles took place at the prestigious Paris stock exchange in the form of Paul McCartney with Ringo Starr where the remaining of the famous in history attended to support an in-family fashion designer fashion show.

With Paris itself being the host for the two annual fashion weeks, which sees an avalanche of celebrities from all over the world come for the events, the show was conducted by 52-year-old Stella McCartney. Among the many stars in attendance, there were 81-year-old Paul McCartney and 83-year-old Ringo Starr.

It captured Ringo and Paul both aged 77 while they shared the limelight with their respective wives who are 64-year-old Nancy Shevell and 76-year-old Barbara Bach. A rare public appearance from the Beatles gives their four-decade-long heritage a new lease of life in the music industry.

Paul had gone for a classical look while he was dressed in a white shirt with his trademark brown waistcoat and a jacket combined with navy trousers ensuring that his brown sunglasses suited him well. Nancy Shevell, his wife, chose a vibrant multicolored dress under a chic beige coat.

Beatles Legacy Reunion

On the other hand was more of monochromatic seduction in his ebony t-shirt, jacket, and trousers with a necklace of the peace sign on Ringo Starr. The beauty of the event was in its crescendo through his wife Barbara similar in heightening her black outfit.

Rather than reunion of the family for the event, it was pre-announcement to its occasion. "Ambitious" celebrated director Sam Mendes brings down the fever among the fans by announcing a new due project - four films about Beatles.

A gathering at the Paris Fashion Week, it can further be deduced, hammered home the point that it was yet another proud moment for the McCartney family where Music and Fashion happen to be simply part of the legacy, only reinforced by the timeless appeal of the Beatles and the generations who continue to draw inspiration from them.

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