John Amos Rebuts Neglect Claims: 'False and Unmerited', Assures 'Truth Will Prevail'

Drama unfolds in the Amos family's escalating dispute

by Zain ul Abedin
John Amos Rebuts Neglect Claims: 'False and Unmerited', Assures 'Truth Will Prevail'
© Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Veteran actor John Amos, renowned for his role in "Good Times," is currently facing and firmly denying new allegations of neglect raised by his own daughter. In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, the 84-year-old actor addressed the concerns surrounding his welfare, sparked by a recent investigation in Los Angeles initiated by his daughter Shannon's claims to Adult Protective Services.

She alleged that John's son, Kelly C. "K.C." Amos, has not been providing adequate care for their father amidst his ongoing health challenges. John Amos expressed his current state of well-being and his engagement in numerous projects, including a docuseries and music release he is producing with his son.

He highlighted the strong bond he shares with K.C., often referred to as his twin by onlookers, praising his son's character and the mutual respect they hold for each other. John categorically dismissed the allegations of neglect as "false and unmerited," assuring his audience that the "real truth" will soon be revealed directly from him.

Family Feud Intensifies

The backdrop of these allegations traces back to June 2023, when Shannon Amos accused her father of being a victim of elder abuse and initiated a GoFundMe campaign for his care expenses. This campaign was later withdrawn following John's rebuttal of the accusations.

He subsequently accused Shannon of exploiting him, leading to a public declaration of alleged "elderly abuse" orchestrated by her. Further complicating the family dynamics, TMZ recently reported that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating new claims made by Shannon, coinciding with John's hospital visit for a routine checkup.

The ongoing feud between Shannon and her brother K.C., who was arrested in July for allegedly threatening Shannon's life, adds layers to the family's troubled relationship. Despite these turbulent times, John conveyed his enduring love for his daughter and his belief in the healing power of family bonds, hopeful for a future reconciliation.

He underscored the importance of family unity and love, even amidst the most challenging circumstances. A representative for Shannon previously stated her distress over the continuing negative assertions against her by her father, marking a poignant chapter in the Amos family saga.