Glen Powell Surprises at Sydney Sweeney's 'SNL' Appearance

SNL hosts a playful twist on celebrity gossip tales.

by Nouman Rasool
Glen Powell Surprises at Sydney Sweeney's 'SNL' Appearance
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Hollywood heartthrob Glen Powell made a headline-grabbing appearance on "Saturday Night Live," squashing any whispers of a romantic link with Sydney Sweeney, his "Anyone But You" co-star, in a move that sent ripples through entertainment circles.

Sweeney, aged 26 and at the helm of hosting duties for the evening, utilized her opening monologue to clear the air on various rumors circulating about her online, one of which involved her alleged relationship with 35-year-old Powell.

Sweeney humorously debunked a bizarre accusation about her previous employment at Universal Studios and a viral TikTok claim suggesting she had a secret nutritionist. She emphasized her fitness routine, which includes running and a sugar-free diet, cheekily nodding to Ozempic without missing a beat.

However, the rumor mill's most buzzing topic was her supposed affair with Powell while filming "Anyone But You." Addressing this head-on, Sweeney stated, "That’s obviously not true," highlighting her ongoing, strong relationship with fiancé Jonathan Davino, with whom she co-produced the movie, debunking the rumor with both grace and wit.

SNL Rumor Skit

The audience was treated to a delightful surprise when the camera panned to Powell, eliciting laughter and applause, further lightening the mood and reinforcing the duo's platonic camaraderie. The evening took a comedic turn as Sweeney and Powell engaged in a skit, playfully addressing the speculation surrounding their relationship, showcasing their ability to leverage personal narratives for entertainment.

Rumors of Sweeney and Powell's off-screen romance began circulating post-Powell's split from Gigi Paris, fueled by sightings of the pair sharing cozy moments on their romantic comedy's set. Despite the gossip, Sweeney, engaged to Davino since 2022, and Powell, have both expressed mutual respect and enjoyment of their professional relationship, emphasizing their dedication to their craft above all.

In interviews with Variety and Men's Health, both actors opened up about their perspectives on the rumors, with Sweeney highlighting the fun and respect that define their friendship and Powell acknowledging the disorienting nature of public speculation, yet accepting it as part of their professional landscape.

This candid approach by both stars, coupled with their playful SNL stint, not only quelled the rumors but also showcased their professionalism and camaraderie, setting an example of how celebrities can navigate the choppy waters of public speculation with humor and grace.