Investigation Launched into John Amos Over Care Neglect Claims

Veteran actor John Amos faces scrutiny amid family concerns

by Zain ul Abedin
Investigation Launched into John Amos Over Care Neglect Claims
© Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Authorities have initiated an investigation into allegations of neglect concerning the well-being of John Amos, famed for his role in "Good Times," according to sources close to the matter. This inquiry, still in its early stages, was sparked by concerns raised by Amos' daughter, Shannon, prompting a closer look by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Insiders revealed that Shannon Amos recently reached out to Adult Protective Services (APS), voicing worries over her father's health struggles. She alleged that her brother, K.C., was failing to provide their father with adequate care.

Following Shannon's report, APS compiled their findings and forwarded them to the LAPD, which has now officially opened a case to investigate these serious claims. The LAPD is reportedly well-acquainted with the ongoing discord between Shannon and K.C.

Amos, as the family's disputes have been the subject of public attention in the past. However, the current investigation will specifically concentrate on the fresh allegations brought forward by Shannon.

John Amos Hospital Checkup Clarified

In a related development, sources have disclosed to TMZ that the esteemed actor was recently admitted to a hospital.

This visit was described as a routine checkup, with assurances that Amos was not facing any critical health issues. TMZ managed to briefly speak with John Amos himself, who confirmed that he was in good health. Whether the police are informed of John Amos' hospital visit and its potential connection to the allegations remains uncertain.

Nevertheless, both John Amos and his representative have consistently refuted any claims of neglect. As the investigation unfolds, it aims to shed light on the nature of the care Amos has been receiving and whether the concerns raised by his daughter hold any merit.

This case not only highlights the personal strife within a notable family but also underscores the importance of ensuring the well-being of our elders, especially when they are in vulnerable health conditions.