Hans Zimmer Applauds Timothée Chalamet's Musical Talent: 'He's Truly Skilled!'

In a surprising revelation from the entertainment industry

by Zain ul Abedin
Hans Zimmer Applauds Timothée Chalamet's Musical Talent: 'He's Truly Skilled!'
© Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

In an intriguing revelation that could hint at a new horizon for Timothée Chalamet's career, the esteemed composer Hans Zimmer has shared commendable words about the young actor's musical prowess. During a brief encounter in New York City, the Oscar-winning maestro expressed his admiration for Chalamet's understanding of music, a skill that became evident while collaborating on the much-anticipated 'Dune: Part Two.'

Zimmer, a giant in the realm of film scores with an illustrious career spanning decades, was notably impressed by Chalamet's input on the sci-fi sequel's soundtrack. "He knows his stuff," Zimmer remarked to TMZ, underlining the 28-year-old actor's keen musical sense.

Having initially worked together on the 2014 epic 'Interstellar,' directed by Christopher Nolan, the bond between Zimmer and Chalamet has only strengthened over time. Zimmer even hinted at the possibility of co-composing with Chalamet for future endeavors, suggesting that the young star might wield the conductor's baton next.

Chalamet's Musical Prowess

Chalamet, renowned for his portrayal of Paul Atreides in the 'Dune' saga, is no stranger to the music scene. His vocal talents were on full display in the 'Wonka' prequel film, where he played the iconic character.

Furthermore, his earlier days saw him rapping as "Timmy Tim," a persona that garnered viral attention. Zimmer's praise extends beyond Chalamet, as he also acknowledged Zendaya's musical instincts, a talent already known to fans from her collaboration with Labrinth on "All for Us" for HBO's 'Euphoria.'

As 'Dune: Part Two' prepares to captivate audiences in theaters, with its stars and music generating buzz, Zimmer's remarks underscore the multifaceted talents of its cast. Chalamet's musical inclination, as endorsed by Zimmer, not only enriches his artistic repertoire but also positions him as a versatile talent in both the cinematic and music industries.

As fans eagerly await the film's release, Zimmer's insights offer a tantalizing glimpse into the collaborative spirit and hidden talents within the 'Dune' ensemble.