Trump Criticizes Carroll's Bond Delay Objection as 'Inconsistent'

Trump faces a pivotal moment in ongoing legal battle.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Criticizes Carroll's Bond Delay Objection as 'Inconsistent'
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump has countered E. Jean Carroll's argument regarding the delay in posting bond for the defamation trial damages awarded to her. Carroll, who previously convinced a jury of Trump's substantial wealth to justify an $83.3 million damages award, now contends that Trump's request for a bond posting delay should be denied due to lack of evidence concerning his financial assets.

Trump's legal team has branded Carroll's stance as contradictory, highlighting the disparity between her current doubts about Trump's financial capability and her earlier assertion of his $14 billion worth. The dispute stems from Carroll's Thursday opposition to Trump's delay request, where she labeled him as an unreliable borrower.

Her legal representatives have pointed out Trump's failure to disclose detailed financial information or asset specifics. In retaliation, Trump's lawyers emphasized the inconsistency in Carroll's positions in a letter to Judge Lewis Kaplan, underscoring the contradiction in questioning Trump's ability to fulfill the judgment now versus her prior claims of his ample financial resources.

Trump's Bond Extension Plea

Trump's request for a 30-day extension to post bond or secure the verdict amount with cash is pending decision. This request follows the official jury verdict on February 8, which mandated Trump to appeal by posting a bond within 30 days.

Trump's legal team proposes that, should Kaplan reject the delay, a $24.4 million bond would adequately mitigate any potential risk to Carroll. Amidst post-trial proceedings, Trump's attorneys plan to challenge the punitive damages as "excessive" and advocate for a reduction.

This legal battle occurs against the backdrop of Trump's increasingly complex financial situation, exacerbated by a recent $454 million judgment in a separate New York attorney general's civil fraud case. This has elevated the total judgments against Trump to over half a billion dollars, despite his attempt to secure a $100 million bond and request for a postponement from an appellate judge, which was subsequently denied.

This case continues to unfold, with each development scrutinizing the intricate details of Trump's financial status and legal strategies, capturing the attention of both legal enthusiasts and the public at large.