Jax Taylor Unfazed by Rain Amid Living Arrangements with Brittany Cartwright

Amid personal turmoil, the reality stars navigate a complex split.

by Nouman Rasool
Jax Taylor Unfazed by Rain Amid Living Arrangements with Brittany Cartwright
© Erik Voake/Getty Images

Jax Taylor, the 44-year-old "Vanderpump Rules" alum, was spotted carrying on with his day, seemingly unaffected by the weather or recent developments in his personal life. Taylor, who has been vocal about his and Brittany Cartwright's ongoing cohabitation despite their estrangement, was seen running errands solo through a parking lot.

This sighting comes shortly after Taylor refuted rumors of an impending divorce between him and Cartwright, suggesting instead that their relationship is in a complex state of flux. Brittany Cartwright, aged 35, also shared her perspective on the situation.

In a candid conversation with TMZ, she expressed a willingness to reconsider their relationship, contingent upon Taylor making significant alterations to his lifestyle. Cartwright's openness to reconciliation underscores the couple's tumultuous yet hopeful journey towards resolving their differences.

During his casual outing, Taylor opted for a relaxed ensemble, pairing a black sweatshirt with printed shorts and complementing the look with tan slip-on shoes and a black cap emblazoned with "Jax's Studio City." The cap not only served as a fashion statement but also as a nod to his entrepreneurial venture, highlighting his continued involvement in the business amidst personal upheavals.

Taylor's errand run included a stop at a DHL office, where he was photographed handling a small box, a mundane yet poignant reminder of life's ongoing demands despite personal turmoil.

Separation and Space

The backdrop to this latest public appearance is a week filled with revelations about the couple's strained relationship.

Cartwright took to their joint podcast, "When Reality Hits," to announce their separation and her decision to move out for her mental well-being. She emphasized the importance of space in assessing the future of their relationship, despite the shared love and the complexities of co-parenting their two-year-old son, Cruz.

Adding to the narrative, Cartwright addressed speculations about their split being a publicity stunt, firmly denying such claims. She stressed that her decision to move out was a necessary step for her mental health, especially in light of the couple's upcoming spinoff reality series, "The Valley." Cartwright's statements reflect a deep-seated struggle for personal happiness and a better environment for their son, underscoring the real and raw challenges they face.

Despite the separation and the swirling rumors, both Taylor and Cartwright have shown a commitment to maintaining their professional endeavors together.