The Beckham's Cheers Champagne After Crashed Fashion Show

Victoria Beckham's fashion showcase takes an unexpected dramatic turn.

by Nouman Rasool
The Beckham's Cheers Champagne After Crashed Fashion Show
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Warm for family solidarity, Victoria Beckham thanked her husband, David Beckham, and their children because they stood as number one supporters along the way, both in good and difficult times of her designing career. The fashion icon mother of four took to social media with her thanksgiving after showcasing the Autumn/Winter collection in Paris.

The moving post showed a picture of Victoria standing on David's back with the champagne, along with a message that said: "Always supporting me (literally) I love you so much @davidbeckham x Kisses x #VBAW24." Victoria turned out in signature style to remain black, slick from head to toe—the somewhat obvious exception being that she was wearing a medical boot after recently sustaining an injury to one of her feet.

In the middle of the Beckhams' happiness and able to mark the success of their Paris fashion show for Victoria, there was quite a bump. The self-proclaimed activists of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stormed the catwalk with their protest.

Their statement was clear, as they wore t-shirts with words that read, "Animals Aren't Fabric," and carried posters printed with similar slogans supporting "vegan leather. Although Victoria Beckham has vowed to remain fur and exotic skin-free, PETA has found evidence that leather may be creeping into some of her designs.

Beckham's Bold Tenacity

Mimi Bekhechi, PETA's Europe director, welcomed the fashion designer to explore available alternatives such as those made from apples, grapes, pineapple leaves, mushrooms, and other animal-friendly leathers.

This is one of the countless public demonstrations that the animal rights organization has conducted for the attention of their cause regarding the cessation of animal abuse within fashion. But this recent fashion week event was important not just for the Victoria Beckham show but also reflected her tenacity.

Two weeks before the show, the 44-year-old former Spice Girl had suffered from a nasty gym injury and was later seen gracing the catwalk on crutches—another heroic moment for Beckham. That the whole Beckham family was present during the ceremony, except Romeo Beckham due to personal reasons, supports the idea that every single moment of personal and professional highs really requires commitment from both sides.

Thinking about the journey of Victoria Beckham, it becomes more than apparent that on this road, passion for fashion is equal to both familial support and intricacies in creating public advocacy and personal success.

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