Joey Graziadei Shares Gilbert Syndrome Diagnosis After 'Yellow Eyes' Concerns

Reality TV Star Opens Up About Unique Health Condition.

by Nouman Rasool
Joey Graziadei Shares Gilbert Syndrome Diagnosis After 'Yellow Eyes' Concerns
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In a candid moment shared with his followers, Joey Graziadei, the charismatic star of "The Bachelor," took to Instagram to address the growing concerns over the noticeable yellow tint in his eyes, a topic that has been buzzing among fans and social media circles alike.

The 28-year-old reality TV personality utilized the platform to shed light on his condition and reassure his audience of his overall well-being. Opening up about a condition he has navigated since his teenage years, Graziadei provided insight into the origins of the unusual eye coloration that had sparked curiosity and concern.

"I've noticed a lot of you commenting on my yellow eyes," he began, tracing the issue back to a health scare during his high school days. After falling ill for an extended period, a visit to the doctor and subsequent blood tests revealed elevated bilirubin levels, signaling a potential liver issue.

Despite the alarming discovery, further medical evaluations, including a liver ultrasound, ruled out serious conditions like hepatitis and led to a diagnosis of Gilbert syndrome.

Understanding Gilbert Syndrome

Gilbert syndrome, as Joey elaborated, is a benign genetic liver condition characterized by the liver's inefficiency in processing bilirubin, a yellowish substance produced during the breakdown of red blood cells.

This anomaly, often discovered incidentally through blood tests, usually bears no significant health implications and requires no treatment. The reality star emphasized, "I am healthy. It's a condition that affects the white part of my eyes, giving them a yellow tint, but it's something I'm keeping an eye on moving forward." In his heartfelt address, Graziadei expressed his gratitude for the concern and support from his fans, reassuring them of his health and well-being.

His openness about Gilbert syndrome serves not only to quell fans' worries but also to shed light on a condition that remains largely unknown to the general public.

Beyond health matters, Joey Graziadei also shared his excitement and outlook on his journey as the new leading man on season 28 of "The Bachelor." Prior to filming, he spoke about the anticipation of stepping into this role and the encouragement he received from Bachelor Nation, including personal messages from past Bachelors like Ben Higgins and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Despite the advice and support, Graziadei is determined to navigate his path on the show independently, focusing on the unique opportunity to meet diverse individuals and, ultimately, find his match. As "The Bachelor" season 28 unfolds every Monday on ABC, viewers are invited to join Joey Graziadei's quest for love, promising a season filled with excitement, discovery, and the hope of finding that special someone.