Zelensky Outraged by Tucker's Interview with Putin

Zelensky confronts misleading claims in recent high-profile interview

by Nouman Rasool
Zelensky Outraged by Tucker's Interview with Putin
© Paul Morigi/Getty Images

In a recent and striking critique, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his disdain for an interview conducted by Tucker Carlson with Russian President Vladimir Putin, describing the dialogue as a prolonged dissemination of falsehoods.

The interview, which took place in Moscow and was highlighted by Fox News' Bret Baier, prompted Baier to inquire Zelensky's perspective on the controversial exchange between Carlson and Putin. Responding to Baier's query, Zelensky conveyed that he was briefed by his advisors on the contents of the interview, given his inability to dedicate time to what he characterized as a "two hours of [expletive]" filled discussion that misrepresented Ukraine, global affairs, and the bilateral relations between the United States and Ukraine.

Zelensky vehemently criticized the portrayal of events in the interview, especially denouncing the notion of engaging in negotiations with Russia under current conditions.

Zelensky Refutes Negotiation Ban

Zelensky was specifically critical of Carlson's suggestion that he had prohibited any negotiations with Russia.

The Ukrainian leader clarified that meaningful dialogue is unfeasible as long as Russian military aggression continues on Ukrainian soil, emphasizing the ongoing occupation and the consequential harm to Ukrainian citizens.

He refuted the claim of a negotiation ban, instead pointing to the stark reality of the situation where discussions cannot precede amidst the violence and occupation perpetrated by Russia. Further elaborating on the trustworthiness of the Russian President, Zelensky recounted instances where European leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, were misled by Putin's assurances.

He highlighted how Putin's promises of no invasion were swiftly followed by military actions, undermining any semblance of reliability in his words. Zelensky's responses underscore a profound mistrust in Putin's promises and a rejection of the misrepresented views aired in the interview.

By emphasizing the dire situation in Ukraine and the infeasibility of negotiations under current circumstances, Zelensky aims to correct the narrative and focus on the reality of Ukraine's plight. His remarks serve as a stern reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by Ukraine and the importance of accurate representation in media coverage of such critical global issues.