ABC News Chief: Trump's Remarks on Black People 'Utterly Racist'

Trump stirs debate with divisive comments at gala event

by Nouman Rasool
ABC News Chief: Trump's Remarks on Black People 'Utterly Racist'
© Win McNamee/Getty Images

In a significant rebuke from the media industry, ABC News President Kim Godwin has publicly criticized Donald Trump for his controversial comments about African American voters, amidst facing several criminal indictments.

This criticism comes as the former President navigates through a complex legal landscape, with insights provided exclusively to The Hill. Over the recent weekend, Godwin expressed profound disapproval of Trump's speculative remarks on African American support for him, describing the comments as "unabashedly racist." Godwin emphasized the gravity of such statements coming from a presidential candidate, particularly when delivered in front of a diverse audience and amidst the support of many African Americans.

"The sheer audacity for a contender for the nation's highest office to utter these words, in such a setting, and to receive backing from African American individuals is both astounding and deeply troubling," Godwin articulated in a communication distributed among several media entities.

Trump's Controversial Remarks

This critique arose within the context of internal discussions at ABC News regarding the approach to reporting on Trump's activities and utterances. According to a network insider, these deliberations aimed to navigate the journalistic challenges of covering the former President's contentious speech.

During an appearance at the Black Conservative Federation's annual event in South Carolina, Trump addressed his indictments, minimizing them as baseless. He then ventured to interpret the African American community's support for him as empathy towards perceived discrimination against him, likening it to their own experiences of injustice.

"It's remarkable. Perhaps there's a connection," Trump suggested, reflecting on the unexpected solidarity. Trump's interpretation has sparked widespread criticism, drawing sharp rebukes from African American leaders, the Democratic Party, and even the White House.

These condemnations underscore the contentious nature of Trump's remarks, especially given his track record of making provocative statements about African Americans, women, and immigrants. As the leading GOP candidate for the upcoming election, Trump's history and recent comments continue to stir significant debate and controversy.