Jimmy Kimmel Gears Up for Oscars, Says He's 'in the Zone Like the Chiefs'

Jimmy Kimmel gears up for Oscar night with zeal

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Gears Up for Oscars, Says He's 'in the Zone Like the Chiefs'
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As the countdown to the Oscars narrows, Jimmy Kimmel is revving up to take the stage as host for the illustrious event on March 10, marking his fourth time in this prestigious role. Speaking to PEOPLE for their latest issue, Kimmel shared his anticipation and preparation for the Academy Awards, likening his excitement and readiness to the Kansas City Chiefs.

"Being familiar with the terrain doesn't dampen the thrill. Each year brings its challenges and I'm geared up to tackle them head-on," he expressed, underscoring his enthusiasm for the upcoming ceremony. Kimmel, an Emmy award-winning comedian, is no stranger to the rigorous demands of Oscars hosting.

He's been diligently fine-tuning his comedic material for months, ensuring a seamless blend of timely humour that resonates with the audience. His commitment extends beyond the writer's room; Kimmel has also embarked on a cinematic marathon, viewing all 53 nominees to ensure his jokes are as pointed as they are pertinent.

Additionally, Kimmel humorously shared his fitness regime, consisting of "sad salads" and "pathetic boxed meals," all in the quest to look his best in a tuxedo. Behind the scenes, Kimmel credits a strong collaborative effort, highlighting the instrumental role of his wife, Molly McNearney, who returns as the show's co-executive producer and their adept creative team.

Their partnership and collective vision are pivotal in sculpting an entertaining and memorable show.

Kimmel's Oscars Prep

The decision for Kimmel to host again came shortly after last year's Oscars, but he waited to officially sign on until the resolution of the writers' strike in September.

This decision reflects his commitment to the craft and the complexities involved in orchestrating such a significant event. Kimmel's personal life adds a charming layer to his Oscars narrative, with his 9-year-old daughter, Jane, expressing interest in attending the show for the first time, albeit with an eye for the camera.

This anecdote reveals a lighter side to the Oscars, juxtaposed with the grandeur. As the Oscars night approaches, Kimmel is focused on delivering a dynamic and engaging show. "The key is to keep the momentum going, making sure to be present when needed and to step back gracefully when not," he shared.

His strategic approach aims to highlight the night's cinematic achievements while ensuring a smooth and entertaining flow. The 96th Oscars promise to be a spectacle of cinematic celebration, airing live from the Dolby Theatre on ABC, with Kimmel at the helm, ready to guide viewers through a night of accolades, surprises, and, undoubtedly, unforgettable moments.