Dax Shepard Credits Bradley Cooper for Crucial Guidance Post-2020 Relapse

Actor Dax Shepard reveals a pivotal moment of honesty

by Zain ul Abedin
Dax Shepard Credits Bradley Cooper for Crucial Guidance Post-2020 Relapse
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In an emotionally charged revelation on Jesse Tyler Ferguson's "Dinner’s On Me" podcast, Dax Shepard delved deep into the turmoil he faced following his 2020 relapse. The actor, known for his candidness, shared the internal conflict he grappled with about disclosing his setback publicly, a decision significantly influenced by fellow actor Bradley Cooper.

Shepard, at 49, expressed the immense pressure of maintaining a facade of strength and sobriety, especially to those who viewed him as a beacon of resilience. "Seven days after the collapse of everything, the last thing I wanted was to share that with people.

Yet, staying silent felt like a profound betrayal to the trust and bond I've built with my audience over the years," Shepard recounted.

Turning Point: Cooper's Advice

The "Parenthood" star did not initially see the value in sharing his struggles, fearing the impact it would have on his wife's public interactions.

"I didn't want every interview question she faced to be about what it's like being married to an addict. It seemed incredibly unfair to her," Shepard explained.

However, it was a heart-to-heart with Bradley Cooper that became a turning point for Shepard.

Cooper challenged Shepard's reluctance, prompting him to consider the real value he could offer to others. Shepard recalled Cooper's words, "There's nothing helpful about a guy that's 16 years sober, married to Kristen Bell, and is rich.

What's helpful is someone who just faced failure and stands up again."

This conversation shed light on the power of vulnerability and the importance of sharing one's truth, no matter how imperfect.

Shepard realized that his real contribution to the community he cared about wasn't in portraying an unblemished image of sobriety but in demonstrating the courage to rise after a fall. Shepard's candidness not only highlights the complexities of dealing with addiction but also underscores the influential role that open, supportive dialogues with peers can play in navigating personal crises.

His decision to speak openly about his relapse, inspired by Cooper's advice, reinforces the message that true strength lies in honesty and resilience, resonating deeply with those facing similar battles.

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