Photographer Alleges Assault by Taylor Swift's Father, Denies Aggression

Australian photographer reports clash with pop star's father.

by Nouman Rasool
Photographer Alleges Assault by Taylor Swift's Father, Denies Aggression
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Australian photographer Ben McDonald, age 52, has come forward with claims that Taylor Swift's father, Scott Swift, assaulted him. This assertion emerges amidst allegations of aggressive behavior towards the pop superstar and her entourage.

McDonald vehemently denies provoking the 71-year-old, stating to Fox News Digital, "There was no situation where we were aggressive... They just didn't call for it, you know what I mean?" The incident reportedly occurred after Scott Swift made a distinctly unfriendly gesture towards the paparazzi, further heating the already tense situation.

McDonald's account contrasts sharply with earlier statements from Swift's representatives, who described the photographers' behavior as overly aggressive, including physical actions towards security personnel and threats directed at a female staff member.

Eras Tour Altercation

The altercation took place amid the backdrop of Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' stop in Australia, a visit that also drew criticism from animal rights organization PETA for the singer's choice of leisure activities.

McDonald expressed his perspective on the incident, suggesting that the high-profile nature of Swift's entourage might have influenced their response to the paparazzi's presence. He characterized their security measures as overly defensive, particularly when photographers discovered the location where Swift was disembarking from her yacht.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, McDonald revealed his initial unawareness of Scott Swift's identity, mistaking him for a security guard due to his close proximity to the singer. This misunderstanding underscores the often-blurred lines between personal and professional boundaries in the world of celebrity.

Swift's team reportedly resorted to using umbrellas to block the photographers, a tactic McDonald describes as aggressive and obstructive. The situation escalated when he attempted to move an umbrella from his face, leading to a physical confrontation with Scott Swift, whom McDonald alleges punched him.

Following the incident, McDonald reported the assault to the local police, prompting an investigation into Scott Swift. This is not McDonald's first encounter with celebrity disputes; in 2005, he was involved in a legal battle with Nicole Kidman, which resulted in a restraining order against him after a listening device was found on her property.

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