Ronaldo Risks Ban for Inciting Supporters

Cristiano Ronaldo's antics ignite debate in Saudi Pro League

by Zain ul Abedin
Ronaldo Risks Ban for Inciting Supporters
© Yasser Bakhsh/Getty Images

In a recent development that has stirred the sports world, Al Nassr's celebrated forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, finds himself at the center of a brewing controversy following his actions in a match against Al-Shabab, prompting an official investigation by the Saudi Pro League.

The incident, which occurred during a high-stakes game on Sunday night, has led to Al-Shabab FC calling for a thorough review of Ronaldo's post-match behavior, with the disciplinary committee of the Saudi Pro League taking up the case with a decision anticipated within the next 48 hours.

Reports from Al Riyadiya, a leading Saudi Arabian newspaper, on Monday night indicated that Ronaldo could be staring down the barrel of a two-match suspension coupled with a monetary fine for what has been deemed unsportsmanlike conduct.

Despite these speculations, the Saudi Pro League has yet to formally announce any disciplinary measures against the football superstar.

Ronaldo's Controversial Celebration

The controversy unfolded in the aftermath of Al Nassr's narrow 3-2 victory over Al-Shabab, where Ronaldo's post-victory celebrations did not sit well with many.

Known for his flamboyant celebrations, Ronaldo took it up a notch by making a provocative gesture towards the Al-Shabab fans, who had been taunting him by chanting Lionel Messi's name throughout the match. This wasn't Ronaldo's first encounter with such a situation since his high-profile move to the Saudi Pro League; his responses to similar provocations have consistently made headlines.

Adding to the spectacle, Ronaldo's celebration of Anderson Talisca's decisive goal further fueled the fire. His celebratory antics, reminiscent of a notable performance against Atletico Madrid while with Juventus, have once again put him in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Since joining Al Nassr in January 2023 on a staggering $75 million annual salary, making him one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, Ronaldo has only faced suspension once due to an accumulation of yellow cards. His tenure in Saudi Arabia, while marked by his unparalleled stardom and significant financial earnings that could exceed $220 million per season with endorsements, has not been without its controversies.

The most severe punishment of his career was a five-match suspension back in 2017 for a confrontation with a referee during an El Clasico match, showcasing a history of heated moments.

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