Ex-CIA Chief: Putin's Prediction on U.S. Wavering Support for Ukraine Coming True

Tensions rise as U.S. aid to Ukraine questioned

by Zain ul Abedin
Ex-CIA Chief: Putin's Prediction on U.S. Wavering Support for Ukraine Coming True
© Thomas Kronsteiner/Getty Images

In a recent revelation that casts a shadow over the United States' commitment to Ukraine, Steve Hall, the former head of CIA's Russia operations, has voiced concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin's bleak forecast regarding U.S. support for Ukraine might be materializing.

According to Hall, Putin's long-held belief that the U.S. would eventually falter in its resolve and cease its support for Ukraine is showing signs of accuracy. In an enlightening discussion with CNN, Hall reflected on recent developments that favour Putin's strategic patience.

"This has been a very good couple of weeks for Vladimir Putin," he observed, noting a perceptible shift in Putin's confidence and actions that suggest his predictions about U.S. support waning might be coming to fruition. The crux of Putin's argument, as Hall outlined, was a calculated gamble on the U.S.

and the West's diminishing attention span and resolve over time. Putin posited that sustained pressure and the passage of time would see the U.S. retracting its support for Ukraine, a stance he believed would eventually vindicate his long-term strategy.

"Initially, he was essentially saying, 'Look, over the long run if we hold in there, the West and the US specifically will lose focus. They'll lose their nerve. They will stop supporting Ukraine one way or another; just have patience,'" Hall detailed during his interview.

U.S. Aid Dilemma

Recent military successes by Russia in Ukraine underscore the pressing issue, while the fate of further U.S. aid to Ukraine hangs in the balance. Despite a bipartisan push in the Senate earlier this month for additional aid, its passage through the House remains uncertain.

Amidst these developments, President Joe Biden's administration is making a concerted effort to secure further assistance for Ukraine. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan emphasized the critical nature of the situation on NBC's "Meet the Press," warning that failing to provide the necessary aid would play directly into Putin's hands.

Sullivan's remarks highlight the urgency of the situation, as he pointed out on CNN that "Putin gains every day that Ukraine does not get the resources it needs, and Ukraine suffers." As the debate over the $95 billion emergency defence aid bill, which includes support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, continues, the world watches closely.

The bill, which garnered bipartisan approval in the Senate, now faces its next hurdle in the House. The outcome will not only test the U.S.' s commitment to its allies but also shape the geopolitical landscape in the days to come.