Manuel Garcia-Rulfo: From Courtroom to Cowboy

Garcia-Rulfo unveils a surprising transformation, captivating fans.

by Nouman Rasool
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo: From Courtroom to Cowboy
© Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

"The Lincoln Lawyer" fans will remember the slick, polished appearances of Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. That is until the 42-year-old began showing a completely different side of himself, reportedly dating 22-year-old Audrey McGraw.

In a recent post on his Instagram profile, Garcia-Rulfo appeared in a new, rough look that was composed of long hair and a thick beard. The actor appeared in this look with a half-buttoned casual shirt while he was having dinner with his famous colleague McGraw.

The fans did not love the fact that they could get more details about the actor's life next to McGraw, who was only helping them with such a candid moment, being the youngest son of the legendary country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The romance between Garcia-Rulfo and McGraw—something they decided to bring public after dating for most of last summer—remained relatively low-key until they decided to make their romance public. Since then, the two have made several postings on social media, celebrating their romance with each other.

Audrey is an aspiring singer and is the youngest of three daughters born to McGraw and Hill since they married in 1996.

Rulfo's Cinematic Heritage

With an interesting background, Garcia-Rulfo hails from a world far removed from the glitz of Hollywood.

Raised in a big family setting on a ranch located near Guadalajara, Mexico, Garcia-Rulfo has often shared pieces of his heritage with news outlets. Once quoted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he said, "My family lived on my grandfather's ranch.

We had cattle and horses, and our extended family practically lived together in his 10-room house." Dentist by day but moviemaker by hobby, his grandfather got the whole family involved in his cinematic pursuits. Garcia-Rulfo says fondly, "He made action dramas about cowboys or robberies, not just home movies.

He had scripts, stories, and even used a professional editing deck." In the first place, it makes the profile of the actor so much more detailed, and sharply brings to the attention of fans who are keen on the scrutiny and questions of followers about the threads of his life and relationships from a tough macho man always shown on screen.