Brad Pitt Enamored with Ines de Ramon: Adores Dating Her

Hollywood star finds love again in heartfelt romantic journey

by Zain ul Abedin
Brad Pitt Enamored with Ines de Ramon: Adores Dating Her
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Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt, at the prime age of 60, is reportedly head over heels in love with his younger girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, further igniting their blossoming romance. Sources close to the couple have revealed to People that Pitt, known for his roles in iconic films like "Fight Club," wears a "cheeky smile" whenever he's in de Ramon's presence, underscoring the deep affection he holds for the 34-year-old jewelry executive.

In a significant move symbolizing their growing bond, de Ramon recently relocated into Pitt's residence. "He is happy to live with her too. They were spending a lot of time at Brad’s. It only made sense for her to move in," shared an insider, highlighting the seriousness of their relationship.

This marks a pivotal chapter for Pitt, as de Ramon is his first serious partner since his high-profile divorce. The source adds, "This is Brad’s first girlfriend since the divorce. He didn’t settle and it’s paying off.

He loves dating Ines."

Brad Pitt's New Bliss

Their relationship not only marks a new beginning for Pitt but also seems to have rejuvenated his spirits. "He is on top of the world again," the insider revealed, pointing to a resurgence of happiness and vitality in the actor's life.

Efforts to reach Pitt's representatives for a comment were made by Page Six, reflecting the widespread interest in this high-profile romance. This relationship comes after Pitt's previous encounters in the dating scene following his split from Angelina Jolie in 2016.

Unlike his past relationships, his connection with de Ramon is described as "serious," with an earlier source noting, "This is the first serious relationship, and he couldn’t be happier." The couple's romance was first speculated in late 2022 and was later confirmed at the 12th annual LACMA Art+Film gala in November 2023, where they made their red carpet debut.

Their relationship has been punctuated by sweet gestures, such as Pitt sending de Ramon pink peonies and a baguette on Valentine's Day, capturing the hearts of many with their endearing love story. As their relationship continues to flourish under the Hollywood spotlight, it's clear that Brad Pitt has found new joy and companionship with Ines de Ramon, making every moment together a testament to their deepening affection.

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