Zelensky Rebukes Tucker Carlson

Amidst ongoing conflict, a contentious interview sparks debate

by Zain ul Abedin
Zelensky Rebukes Tucker Carlson
© Johannes Simon/Getty Images

In a striking critique, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a sharp rebuke of an interview conducted by Tucker Carlson with Russian President Vladimir Putin, denouncing it as a lengthy exposition of falsehoods.

During a conversation with Fox News' Bret Baier, Zelensky expressed his disdain for the two-hour interview, which he dismissed as filled with baseless claims about Ukraine, international relations, and the dynamics between the United States and Ukraine.

Baier, referring to his former colleague Tucker Carlson, inquired if Zelensky had seen the interview or had any awareness of its coverage. Zelensky responded, indicating that while he had not watched the interview in its entirety, he was briefed on its contents by his advisors.

"I don’t have time to hear more than two hours of nonsense about us, about the world, about the United States, about our relations, and this interview with a killer," Zelensky stated, summarizing his take on the dialogue between Carlson and Putin.

Zelensky Refutes Carlson

The Ukrainian leader was particularly critical of Carlson's assertion that Zelensky had prohibited any negotiations with Russia. Zelensky vehemently dismissed this claim, emphasizing that meaningful dialogue is impossible in the face of Russia's military aggression and occupation of Ukrainian territory.

"Negotiations with tanks and the occupation of Ukraine, which is destroying our people, is not about negotiations," he asserted. Zelensky also referenced conversations between Putin and European leaders, such as France's Macron and Germany's Schultz, before the onset of the invasion.

According to Zelensky, Putin assured them there would be no invasion, only to betray these assurances shortly before launching military actions against Ukraine. This, Zelensky argued, demonstrates Putin's unreliability and the futility of trusting his promises.

The Ukrainian President's comments underline a profound skepticism of the Russian leader's intentions and a dismissal of the Carlson-Putin interview as an exercise in misinformation. Zelensky's focus remains firmly on the realities of the conflict and the challenges facing Ukraine, leaving little room for what he considers distractions filled with inaccuracies about his country, its relationships, and the broader geopolitical landscape.