Netflix Acquires Shane Gillis' 'Tires' Comedy Series, Debuts in May"

Netflix embraces comedy with Shane Gillis' latest sitcom endeavor.

by Nouman Rasool
Netflix Acquires Shane Gillis' 'Tires' Comedy Series, Debuts in May"
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Netflix has recently expanded its comedy repertoire by securing the rights to "Tires," an independently produced sitcom spearheaded by the multifaceted stand-up comedian Shane Gillis. In this six-episode venture, Gillis not only stars but also takes on the roles of executive producer and co-creator.

Scheduled for a May 23 premiere, this self-financed comedy series is a testament to Gillis' entrepreneurial spirit and creative prowess. The partnership between Gillis and Netflix does not end with "Tires." In a move that solidifies their growing relationship, Netflix has committed to producing a new stand-up special featuring Gillis, marking his second collaboration with the streaming giant.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of Gillis' headline-making stint as host on "Saturday Night Live," a role that showcased his comedic talents to a broad audience. "Tires" introduces viewers to the character of Will, portrayed by Steven Gerben.

Will finds himself at the helm of his family's auto repair chain, a position he is neither prepared for nor confident in. The series humorously explores his attempts to save the business from decline, all the while dealing with the antics of his cousin and new employee, Shane, played by Gillis himself.

Creative Collaboration Unveiled

Behind the scenes, Gillis teams up with John McKeever, his frequent collaborator and the director of "Tires." Their production company, Dad Sick Productions, is the creative force behind this project.

Both Gerben and McKeever share creation, writing, and executive production credits with Gillis, highlighting a collaborative effort that promises to deliver laughs and entertainment. The cast of "Tires" is rounded out by notable talents such as Chris O'Connor, Kilah Fox, and Stavros Halkias, with Andrew Schulz making guest appearances.

The series benefits from a strong support system of executive producers, including Brandon James, Brian Stern, Kenneth Slotnick, and Becky Astphan, ensuring a high-quality production. Gillis and McKeever's creative journey began with their sketch comedy "Gilly and Keeves," which gained popularity on YouTube.

Their ability to self-produce content has led them to this moment, where Netflix's acquisition of "Tires" marks a significant milestone in their careers. This move comes after the success of "Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs," Gillis' previous Netflix special, which enjoyed a favorable spot in Netflix's top 10 rankings for several weeks.

Despite a controversial past, including a brief and tumultuous association with "SNL," Gillis has emerged as a rising star in the comedy scene. His resilience and talent have earned him spots as a notable comedian at various festivals and as a host on popular podcasts.

Looking ahead, Gillis is set to perform at the 2024 Netflix is a Joke Fest in Los Angeles, promising fans an unforgettable experience with his distinctive humor. With "Tires" and his upcoming live shows, Gillis is poised to cement his status as a comedy powerhouse, delighting audiences with his unique blend of humor and heart.