Dr. Phil's Anti-Covid Closure Rant Shakes 'The View' Hosts

Clash Over Covid Measures Ignites on 'The View'.

by Nouman Rasool
Dr. Phil's Anti-Covid Closure Rant Shakes 'The View' Hosts
© Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Dr. Phil McGraw recently sparked controversy during his appearance on "The View," where he vocally critiqued the decision to close schools amid the Covid pandemic, inciting a heated exchange with the show's hosts. The 73-year-old television personality and author, who was there to discuss his new book, "We've Got Issues," took the opportunity to express his concerns about the impact of prolonged school closures on children's mental health and safety.

McGraw highlighted the negative effects of the digital age on youth, noting a significant increase in depression, anxiety, loneliness, and suicidal tendencies since the advent of smartphones. "Kids stopped living their lives and started watching others live theirs, leading to record-high levels of mental health issues," he observed.

The situation, according to McGraw, worsened with the onset of Covid, criticizing the same authorities for shutting down schools and thereby stripping away a crucial support system for vulnerable children. He pointed out the dire consequences of these closures, including a drastic drop in reports of child abuse due to the absence of mandated reporters, such as teachers and school staff.

Debate Turns Heated

The discussion took a contentious turn when "The View" co-hosts challenged McGraw's perspective. Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg underscored the gravity of the pandemic and the necessity of the measures taken to protect lives.

Goldberg emphasized the efforts to safeguard children's health, while Ana Navarro questioned McGraw's assertion regarding the low risk of Covid among school-aged children. McGraw defended his stance, asserting that the mismanagement of the pandemic response inflicted more harm on children than the virus itself, presenting his view not as an opinion but as fact.

This isn't the first instance of Dr. Phil expressing skepticism towards pandemic lockdown measures. In a 2020 Fox News appearance, he questioned the rationale behind the nationwide lockdown, suggesting that it would cause more harm than the virus itself.

McGraw compared Covid-related fatalities to deaths from other non-contagious causes, questioning why similar shutdown measures weren't applied in those contexts. As debates over pandemic management continue, McGraw's comments on "The View" have reignited discussions on the balance between public health measures and their social and psychological impacts.

The conversation underscores the complexities of navigating a global health crisis, balancing the physical safety of the population with the mental and emotional well-being of its youngest members.