Trump's $83.3M Carroll Defamation Judgment Proceeds as Judge Denies Delay

Trump faces legal setback in recent defamation case ruling.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump's $83.3M Carroll Defamation Judgment Proceeds as Judge Denies Delay
© Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

In a pivotal development in the ongoing legal saga involving former President Donald Trump, Judge Lewis Kaplan has firmly refused to grant a pause in the enforcement of the substantial $83.3 million judgment against Trump in his defamation case.

This decision comes amidst a recent request for a response from columnist E. Jean Carroll's legal team. In a definitive statement issued Sunday morning, Judge Kaplan asserted, "The Court declines to grant any stay, much less an unsecured stay, without first having afforded plaintiff a meaningful opportunity to be heard." He established a tight timeline, setting this Thursday as the deadline for Carroll's legal response and March 2nd for Trump's rejoinder.

Trump's Delay Request

This latest twist follows a request last week by Trump's attorney for a temporary delay in the judgment, or alternatively, for Trump to be allowed to post a bond covering a portion of the total damages.

Trump's counsel, Alina Habba, lodged a motion on Friday, advocating for a hold on the judgment until 30 days post-resolution of Trump's post-trial motions, set for early March. Alternatively, Habba proposed a partially secured stay while Trump posts a reduced bond.

Habba argued in her motion, "There is a strong probability that the disposition of post-trial motions will substantially reduce, if not eliminate, the amount of the judgment." She challenged the legitimacy of the emotional damage claims made by Carroll, who has described living in fear following Trump's statements.

Habba contended that Carroll failed to substantiate her distress with significant evidence of long-term effects or medical consequences. Further, Habba suggested that the court consider reducing the total judgment to $22.25 million, with Trump posting a bond of $24.475 million.

In a statement to ABC News, Habba labeled the figure awarded to Carroll as "egregiously excessive," urging the court to prevent enforcement of what she termed an "absurd judgment," which she believes will not hold up on appeal.

This request for a stay in the judgment comes at a time when Trump's financial dealings are under intensified scrutiny, following two expensive civil trials in New York. On Friday, New York's Supreme Court entered a judgment in another case against Trump, imposing fines totaling $355 million, along with an estimated $100 million in interest.

Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing and maintains that he does not recognize Carroll. The unfolding events continue to attract widespread attention, highlighting the ongoing legal challenges faced by the former president.