Shane Gillis Wrestles With Monologue Jokes in 'SNL' Teaser

Shane Gillis brings unique humor to SNL's latest promo

by Zain ul Abedin
Shane Gillis Wrestles With Monologue Jokes in 'SNL' Teaser
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Shane Gillis, the renowned comedian, is gearing up for an entertaining episode of 'Saturday Night Live' (SNL), with the acclaimed rapper 21 Savage joining as the musical guest. In a recent promotional clip released by NBC for the much-anticipated episode, Gillis humorously grapples with his monologue, providing a glimpse into the lighthearted nature of the upcoming show.

The promo, which debuted on Wednesday, showcases Gillis playfully testing his comedic material on SNL cast members Marcello Hernández and Sarah Sherman. However, his jokes seem to be met with more awkward chuckles than roaring laughter.

For instance, his quip about attending an Amish wedding, where he was the only one familiar with the Electric Slide, elicits a lukewarm response from his audience. Undeterred, Gillis continues with his quirky humor, making a pun about the new 'Planet of the Apes' movie being "bananas." He even ventures into the realm of audience interaction, proposing hypothetical questions to imaginary couples in the crowd, only to end on a self-deprecating note about his own love life.

Gillis' Promo Antics

The comedian's repertoire includes a mix of impressions, including a horse imitation, which he anticipates will rouse a more enthusiastic reaction from the live audience. His unconventional style is met with a tentative approval from Hernández, who humorously comments on the monologue's progress.

Another promotional snippet, released on Friday, adds to the excitement. This time, Gillis is seen alongside 21 Savage and SNL veteran Kenan Thompson. Sporting black sunglasses in an apparent effort to match 21 Savage's style, Gillis light-heartedly denies trying to emulate the rapper.

The playful banter continues, with Thompson questioning Gillis' fashion choice and 21 Savage reassuring him of his cool appearance. Gillis' appearance on SNL marks a significant moment in his career, especially considering his dismissal from the show in 2019 due to controversial remarks made on a podcast.

His return to the SNL stage as a host symbolizes not just a personal comeback but also highlights the ever-evolving landscape of comedy and entertainment.