Ben Shephard Begins Hosting This Morning on march 10

TV's beloved Ben Shephard closes a memorable chapter.

by Nouman Rasool
Ben Shephard Begins Hosting This Morning on march 10
© Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

In a stirring conclusion to his ten-year tenure on Good Morning Britain, Ben Shephard bid an emotional farewell to his co-host Kate Garraway and the show's audience. Entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold confirmed the news, marking the end of an era for the beloved breakfast news program.

Shephard, known for his dynamic presenting style and warm on-screen chemistry with Garraway, is set to embark on a new journey as he joins the team of the popular daytime show, 'This Morning' The announcement has sparked considerable interest, as Shephard is slated to make his debut on This Morning alongside Cat Deeley on the upcoming Monday, March 11.

This transition represents a significant shift in the daytime television landscape, with Shephard and Deeley stepping in as permanent hosts following the departure of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby last year.

Ben Shephard's Emotional Farewell

Shephard's final episode on Good Morning Britain was a blend of nostalgia and heartfelt moments, especially with co-host Kate Garraway, who has been his 'on-screen wife' for over two decades.

The show revisited numerous memorable moments and highlights from Shephard's time on GMB, emphasizing the strong bond he has formed with both the team and the audience over the years. In a touching tribute to Garraway, Shephard expressed that leaving her side was among the most challenging decisions he had faced.

His move to This Morning, taking over from Phillip Schofield, signifies not just a change in his career but also an end to a cherished partnership that viewers have enjoyed for years. As Shephard prepares for his new role, there is a palpable sense of anticipation among viewers.

His dynamic presence and proven expertise in engaging audiences promise to bring a fresh and exciting dimension to This Morning. The shift also underscores the evolving nature of daytime television, where familiar faces in new settings continue to captivate and entertain viewers across the nation.

Fans of both Good Morning Britain and This Morning are eagerly awaiting this change, as Ben Shephard turns a new page in his illustrious career, promising to bring the same charm and warmth to his new audience that he has been known for throughout his years on television.