Kyle Cooke Confesses to Discord with Amanda Batula Before

Inside the Turbulent Dynamics of a Reality TV Couple

by Zain ul Abedin
Kyle Cooke Confesses to Discord with Amanda Batula Before
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In a candid interview with PEOPLE, Kyle Cooke, the 41-year-old reality star and CEO of Loverboy, opens up about the complexities of balancing work and personal life with his wife, Amanda Batula, especially under the public eye.

Nearly two years into their marriage, the couple returns to the Hamptons for the eighth season of "Summer House," where it's evident their honeymoon phase has faded. Cooke admits, "We weren't in a bad place at the start of the summer, but we weren't exactly on the same page either.

Balancing work and our personal lives has been a challenge." This tension is palpable from the season's onset, as Amanda, 32, confides to her friends about her 'no patience era' with Kyle, particularly after a pregnancy scare that put a strain on their relationship.

The New Jersey native reflects on the impact of the scare: "It made us rethink our future and whether we're ready for the next step." This ongoing struggle with work-life balance is a recurring theme for the couple, who have been juggling filming two TV shows and running a demanding business together.

Despite their challenges, Kyle remains hopeful. "We're trying to figure out our next steps—starting a family, possibly moving out of New York City. But it's not just us thinking about these things; our friends, family, and even our audience are curious about what's next for us," he shares.

The dynamics in the house are further explored as the season unfolds. During a local carnival outing, Kyle expresses his desire to spend more time with Amanda, highlighting their tendency to socialize separately. However, Amanda's response suggests a disconnect, blaming Kyle's work commitments for their limited time together.

Kyle and Amanda: Marital Strain

Their relationship is put to the test amidst the backdrop of house parties and group dynamics. At one point, Kyle vents to housemate Paige about feeling undervalued in their relationship, citing Amanda's grievances about his work ethic.

Paige, observing the couple's interactions, comments, "Kyle might not have fully understood Amanda's personality when they got married." This insight sheds light on the fundamental differences that might be contributing to their marital strain.

Kyle views the filming of "Summer House" as a therapeutic process, forcing them to confront issues they might otherwise avoid. However, Amanda's frustrations are evident, especially after a discussion where Kyle's actions contradicted his words, leading her to question the sincerity of his commitment to their relationship.

Looking ahead, Kyle reveals that they are still contemplating major life decisions like starting a family and buying a home. "You'll see us trying to navigate these relatable challenges in front of the camera," he says. "Summer House" airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

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