Actor Devin Ratray Admits Domestic Violence, Escapes Jail

Former Child Star Faces Legal Repercussions in Domestic Case.

by Nouman Rasool
Actor Devin Ratray Admits Domestic Violence, Escapes Jail
© Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Devin Ratray, widely recognized for his role as Buzz McAllister in the iconic "Home Alone" series, has entered a guilty plea in a protracted domestic violence case, securing a deferred sentence to circumvent imprisonment.

In 2021, at 47 years old, Ratray faced allegations of choking and assaulting his then-girlfriend, Jessica Rogers, in an Oklahoma City hotel. On a recent Wednesday, he admitted guilt to two domestic violence charges: a felony count of domestic assault and battery by strangulation and a misdemeanor count of domestic assault and battery.

Oklahoma County District Judge Kathryn Savage handed down Ratray's sentence: three years of probation for the felony and one year for the misdemeanor. He's mandated to join a batterers intervention program and receive a drug and alcohol evaluation.

Previously, Ratray completed anger management training. Adhering to his deferred sentence terms, including no contact with the victim, paying various fees, and meeting all conditions, will lead to the expungement of his criminal conviction.

Trial Postponed for Health Issues

The sentencing follows a postponed jury trial in Oklahoma, cancelled due to Ratray's hospitalization in New York for heart complications. The LaGuardia High School graduate was permitted to present his plea from New York City via video under medical direction.

The incident traces back to Dec. 9, 2021, when Ratray and Rogers, in Oklahoma City for a fan convention, dined out. Ratray reportedly consumed a bottle of wine, followed by over ten shots at a bar, as per a court affidavit. At the bar, two fans approached the couple for Ratray's autograph.

The situation escalated when Rogers handed out pre-signed cards, valued at $50, for free, against Ratray's wishes. Returning to their hotel, Rogers alleged that an argument erupted, leading Ratray to strangle her. She claimed the assault ceased only when she bit his hand, followed by him purportedly punching her.

Rogers, now residing in Canada, was absent during Ratray's plea but expressed her sentiments through a statement read by the prosecutor. "I am relieved that this chapter in my life is coming to an end, but the scars and trauma will never fully heal," she communicated via email.

Her message emphasized the enduring impact of domestic violence, the importance of speaking out, and the necessity for abusers to face repercussions while victims receive belief and support.