Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Talk Show Conclusion: 'Likely My Last Contract'

Jimmy Kimmel faces a crossroads in his storied career

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Talk Show Conclusion: 'Likely My Last Contract'
© Leon Bennett/Getty Images

In a candid conversation with the Los Angeles Times, Jimmy Kimmel, the acclaimed host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", has hinted at the potential end of his illustrious late-night talk show career following the conclusion of his current contract in 2025.

This revelation, coming from the Emmy-winning host, has stirred up much discussion in the entertainment world. Kimmel, 56, expressed his thoughts on the impending close of his show. "I think this is my final contract," he remarked, acknowledging the humor in his past indecisions.

"I still have a little more than two years left on my contract, and that seems pretty good. That seems like enough." His contemplative tone reflects a career filled with memorable moments and milestones. The veteran comedian, who is gearing up to host the 2024 Oscars, shared insights into the demanding nature of his role.

"It's hard to yearn for it when you're doing it," Kimmel disclosed, describing the exhaustion and workload that comes with preparing for such a prestigious event. He candidly spoke of moments of fatigue, where the thought of contract completion brought a sense of relief.

Kimmel's Retirement Dilemma

Kimmel's reflections on a potential retirement encompass both humor and uncertainty. He joked about future plans involving more work, despite not having a clear direction post-retirement. "I don’t know exactly what I will do," he admitted, highlighting his diverse interests, including cooking and drawing.

The talk show host has previously voiced his internal debates over continuing the show, especially during the 2023 Writers Guild Strike. On the “Strike Force Five” podcast, Kimmel compared himself humorously to Tom Brady, noting his own indecisiveness about retirement.

Despite being "very, very serious" about quitting at the time, he acknowledged the strike's role in reminding him of the joys of work. Since its inception in 2003, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" has been a staple of late-night television, with Kimmel's unique blend of humor and heart capturing audiences nationwide.

Recently celebrating its 20th anniversary, the show stands as a testament to Kimmel's enduring appeal and talent. With a contract extension signed in 2022, the show continues to thrive, but Kimmel's recent statements suggest a pivotal chapter in his career may be drawing to a close. As the entertainment world watches, Kimmel's next steps remain a topic of great anticipation and speculation.