Bradley Cooper on Meeting Beyoncé for 'A Star Is Born': Jay-Z's Judge Judy Moment

Exploring Bradley Cooper's cinematic journey and casting choices

by Zain ul Abedin
Bradley Cooper on Meeting Beyoncé for 'A Star Is Born': Jay-Z's Judge Judy Moment
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In a captivating revelation, Bradley Cooper, the esteemed 49-year-old actor, shared his intriguing journey in casting the lead role for the critically acclaimed film, "A Star Is Born." This venture, which ultimately starred Lady Gaga, initially had Cooper considering music icons Beyoncé and Adele.

Cooper, in a recent interview with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, recounted his extraordinary meeting with Beyoncé and her husband, JAY-Z, at their residence. He vividly recalled an amusing detail – JAY-Z engrossed in watching "Judge Judy" – as he nervously pitched the role to Beyoncé while battling a persistent cough.

The actor-director described the encounter as surreal, highlighting Beyoncé's incredible talent and stature in the industry. The journey to find the perfect 'Ally', the film's aspiring singer, was filled with twists.

Cooper first approached studio executive Greg Silverman with the proposition, who set two conditions: cast Beyoncé as the lead and produce the film under $25 million. After developing the concept with Beyoncé for about a year, circumstances led to the role being vacated.

Next, Cooper considered the British songstress Adele, known for her soul-stirring vocals. However, this idea didn't materialize as Adele, despite a single text response, was preoccupied with other commitments.

Gaga's Defining Moment

The turning point came unexpectedly for Cooper.

Attending a benefit concert, he was mesmerized by Lady Gaga's performance. Her powerful rendition was a defining moment for Cooper, solidifying his decision. He instantly knew Gaga was the ideal choice for the role, leading to a meeting that would set the course for the film.

"A Star Is Born", under Cooper's direction, where he also played the character Jackson "Jack" Maine, garnered significant acclaim. The film received eight nominations at the 91st Academy Awards, triumphantly winning Best Original Song for the duet "Shallow," performed by Cooper and Gaga.

In April 2019, Cooper shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show his aspiration for a unique live script reading, combining it with the film's songs, envisioning it as a one-night event at a prestigious venue like the Hollywood Bowl.

While this concept remains unrealized, Cooper and Gaga's dynamic collaboration was evident again at the December 2023 red carpet event for "Maestro."

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