Phillip Schofield's Supportive Circle

Amid turmoil, Phillip Schofield finds solace in family

by Nouman Rasool
Phillip Schofield's Supportive Circle
© Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Phillip Schofield, the popular television presenter, has taken to thanking in public two key people in his life for not deserting him after he stood down from the much-loved programme 'This Morning' a year ago. The disclosure followed Schofield, who is 61 and a father of two daughters, walking out of a show he loved amid an admission of a relationship with a younger co-worker that he described as silly but legal.

Schofield has been open in sharing his truth with the world since the controversy, and as a consequence, he has kept his profile in the public eye with discreetly in the aftermath of that. But his 30-year-old daughters, Molly and Ruby with wife Steph have been his rocks throughout this tough time.

An insider told OK! It narrates that at all points of time—be it upheavals or downs—that what came off to be emphasized in it is the loyalty towards and love for their father that both girls held with a deep bond and protectiveness.

Schofield himself had hailed his daughters as "his lifeline," stating that they had brought him back from the abyss in the "darkest moments." He was open even more to The Sun, detailing how they had saved his life mentally and emotionally.

Schofield's Resilient Path

With all of this happening on a personal level, Schofield has confided in his family, recently having a trip out to London's Southbank. Irrespective of whatever is happening, Schofield and his wife, Steph, are doing this together and they are not splitting up.

Amid speculation and public interest, interest grows as to Schofield's next career step, such as his potential involvement in the next "Celebrity Big Brother" to be aired on ITV from March 4. Amid his recent challenges, such as his attempts to secure a string of high-profile figures for the show's return, Schofield is reportedly top of the list as an ideal candidate.

And for anyone who has been hanging on tenterhooks to find some confirmation, Schofield's journey delivers on proving that one can have powerful resilience and bonds of family that endure when things look pretty grim.