Joe Jonas Unnoticed While High-Fiving Runners in NYC

Pop sensation Joe Jonas surprises with a unique gesture

by Zain ul Abedin
Joe Jonas Unnoticed While High-Fiving Runners in NYC
© Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Joe Jonas, the famed 34-year-old singer and member of the Jonas Brothers, recently took to the bustling streets of New York City, blending in like any ordinary New Yorker. In a light-hearted escapade captured on TikTok this Monday, February 19, Jonas decided to add a little excitement to the mundane evening jogs of New Yorkers by engaging in a spontaneous act of camaraderie.

His method? Offering high-fives to runners as they passed by. The video, quickly going viral on social media, shows Jonas enthusiastically extending his hand for high-fives to the runners. While some reciprocated with a quick slap of the hand, others seemed oblivious to his presence, continuing their run without a second glance.

Interestingly, none of the joggers appeared to recognize the international music sensation, an amusing detail that added to the charm of the video. Accompanied by Natasha Bedingfield’s upbeat track "Pocketful of Sunshine," Jonas humorously captioned his post, "Hyping up strangers with high-fives during their 6pm run ??.

Don’t leave me hanging ??." This unexpected encounter sparked a wave of reactions from fans and viewers alike. One TikTok user, who unknowingly ran past Jonas, shared their surprise upon discovering his identity later: "I literally ran right past him in Brooklyn and was wondering why I was being recorded & he was trying to high five me!

Didn’t realize who he was!!" Another user humorously commented on the irony of the situation, while a third noted the eventual shock of the runners upon realizing they had just snubbed Joe Jonas.

Jonas Brothers' Global Tour 2024

Amidst these light-hearted interactions, Joe Jonas is gearing up for a busy year.

He's set to embark on the 2024 leg of The Tour with his brothers, Nick and Kevin Jonas. The tour promises to be a thrilling journey through countries like the Philippines, France, Australia, England, Mexico, Argentina, and more.

Fans can expect a repertoire of 67 hits spanning their illustrious career, including tracks from their recent album "The Album" (2023), as well as classics from "Happiness Begins" (2019), "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" (2009), "A Little Bit Longer" (2008), and "Jonas Brothers" (2007).

In a recent announcement, the band revealed plans for a grand 20th anniversary concert in 2025, following the conclusion of their ongoing tour. Speaking to a crowd at New York’s Barclays Center, Nick Jonas teased the audience about this upcoming milestone, inviting them to join the celebration in 2025.

This announcement marks a significant moment in the band's career, which began with their first song, "Please Be Mine," in 2005 and soared with their involvement in Disney's "Camp Rock" (2008) and their own series, "Jonas" (2009-2010).

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