Biden's January Campaign Haul: $42 Million, Record Cash-on-Hand

Biden's Campaign Achieves Remarkable Fundraising Milestone in January

by Zain ul Abedin
Biden's January Campaign Haul: $42 Million, Record Cash-on-Hand
© Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

In a striking display of financial power, President Biden's re-election campaign has announced a monumental fundraising achievement for January, surpassing $42 million. This impressive sum boosts the campaign's cash-on-hand to an unprecedented $130 million, a record-breaking figure for any Democratic candidate at this stage in an election cycle, as confirmed by Fox News Digital.

Since President Biden declared his intention to seek a second term in April 2023, the campaign's fundraising efforts have amassed nearly $278 million. This substantial financial backing underscores the strong support for Biden's bid for re-election.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager, expressed pride in the campaign's financial success. In a statement, she highlighted the campaign's dynamic grassroots fundraising program, which has demonstrated significant growth month over month.

"January’s fundraising achievements reflect our campaign's formidable start to the election year," Rodriguez stated. She contrasted the Biden-Harris campaign's unity and direction with the Republican party's apparent division, marked by internal conflicts regarding former President Donald Trump's influence and agenda.

Rodriguez emphasized the critical nature of the 2024 election, framing it as a decisive moment for American democracy and freedoms. She assured that the Biden campaign is judiciously utilizing its resources to construct a robust operation, geared towards engaging voters on the crucial issues at stake in the upcoming election.

January's Fundraising Triumph

Adding to the campaign's optimism, TJ Ducklo, senior communications advisor, expressed particular pride in the campaign's record-breaking grassroots fundraising efforts in January. "This record-breaking haul is a testament to our supporters' unwavering commitment and will be instrumental in reaching the voters key to securing victory in November," Ducklo remarked.

He expressed confidence in the re-election of President Biden and Vice President Harris, citing the grassroots support as a pivotal factor. The campaign's grassroots fundraising reached new heights in January, breaking the previous record set in December.

Last month, the campaign reported the support of 1.1 million individuals, contributing nearly 3 million times. Moreover, the campaign capitalized on key events to galvanize grassroots donors. Following the GOP Iowa Caucuses, the campaign experienced a surge in donations, raising $1 million daily over three days.

Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison lauded these fundraising achievements. "January's record-breaking numbers signal a groundswell of grassroots support for sending Joe Biden and Kamala Harris back to the White House," Harrison stated.

He emphasized the united front of the Biden-Harris team and the DNC, leveraging grassroots donor power to propel Democrats to victory across the nation. As the election year progresses, Team Biden-Harris and the DNC stand in solidarity, poised to harness this momentum for triumph at all electoral levels.