Boy Meets World' Cast Accuses Guest Star Brian Peck of Grooming and Manipulation

Former child stars reveal unsettling experiences on set

by Zain ul Abedin
Boy Meets World' Cast Accuses Guest Star Brian Peck of Grooming and Manipulation
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In a recent, powerful episode of the "Pod Meets World" podcast, "Boy Meets World" stars Rider Strong, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel, along with family therapist Kati Morton, courageously delved into the challenging topics of grooming, childhood s-xual abuse, and their profound impact on victims.

This candid discussion unveils the alleged predatory behavior of guest star Brian Peck during and post his stint on the beloved sitcom. The disturbing saga gains further context with Peck's legal history. In 2004, four years after the conclusion of "Boy Meets World," Peck, now 63, was convicted of s-xually abusing a child actor associated with Nickelodeon.

He served a 16-month sentence following charges encompassing eight counts of s-xual abuse. Peck's criminal actions will be further scrutinized in the upcoming investigative docuseries "Quiet on Set," which aims to expose the hidden abuse of child actors in the late '90s and early 2000s.

Before his convictions were public knowledge, Peck had allegedly become deeply entwined in the personal lives of the "Boy Meets World" cast, notably during his appearance in the show's fifth season (October 1997-May 1998).

Friedle, 47, shared his regret over bringing Peck into his life and career, recalling how the latter ingratiated himself with Friedle post-"Boy Meets World."

Cast Recalls Peck's Behavior

Strong, 44, also recounted how he frequently socialized with Peck, despite their significant age difference.

Fishel, 42, observed Peck's unusual eagerness to spend time with the main cast, a behavior not typical of other guest stars. She speculated that any adults who noticed this odd dynamic might have remained silent to avoid appearing homophobic, given Peck's s-xual orientation.

Fishel clarified that the young cast had no issues with Peck's s-xuality but noted his particular interest in befriending the male stars. When Peck faced accusations of child s-xual abuse in 2003, he sought support from Friedle and Strong in court, a request they fulfilled, unknowingly standing against the victim.

Friedle expressed his deep regret for this action, especially considering the victim's perspective. Years later, Strong encountered Peck at an industry event, an experience that left him deeply unsettled. Friedle, who hasn't seen Peck in about two decades, is still grappling with the guilt of having defended him.

He emphasized the importance of acknowledging the real victim in this situation and lamented his unwitting role in supporting the abuser.